The Importance of International Solidarity: DPRK’s Support for Hezbollah

The relationship between Hezbollah and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) range back to the 1980’s Israeli occupation of Lebanon. As a militant anti-imperialist organisation, Hezbollah is feared by the likes of Israel and the US. Now recently, they have fought alongside the Syrian Arab Army against terrorists who have received immense support from the imperialist bloc – US, UK, Israel, Qatar and Saudiarabia in particular. Like the DPRK, Hezbollah have been demonized by the West for its firm stand against imperialism, and for justice. Hezbollah have been accused of anti-semitism because of its anti-zionism that has been growing in relation to Israel’s hold of Lebanon. Worth noting is that the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, have stated on behalf of his organisation that Hezbollah is not seeking to build an Islamic state in Lebanon due to its multicultural environment and that it is not the wish of the vast majority at the moment, and probably never will. Nasrallah also meant that not only a democratic majority of 51% is enough to build an Islamic state, but the support of the vast majority is needed. Hezbollah representatives in the Lebanese parliament have also stated that “Hezbollah has never been against religions. Hezbollah supports all religions, it supports interfaith dialogue, and it has no problem with any religion. Hezbollah considers Zionism to be the enemy, not the Jews as a people or a religion.” Hezbollah have defended freedoms of minorities, both at home and abroad, like in Syria. To call Hezbollah anti-semite is nothing but vile and vicious lies.31iht-ednisman31-jumbo

According to a survey released by the “Beirut Center for Research and Information” on July 26 during the 2006 Lebanon War, 87% of Lebanese support Hezbollah’s “retaliatory attacks on northern Israel”, a rise of 29% points from a similar poll conducted in February the same year. Hezbollah have been portrayed as a Shia nationalist organisation, however, the level of support for Hezbollah’s resistance from non-Shiite communities was huge. 80% of Christians polled supported Hezbollah, along with 80% of Druze and 89% of Sunnis. Also from the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories and in Jordan, a vast majority consider Hezbollah a legitimate resistance organisation. This might give an idea why a popular group like Hezbollah is under constant attack by the West.

The relationship between Hezbollah and the DPRK started when Israel invaded Lebanon and with the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon when Israel set up a “buffer zone” in the occupied area, and created Israeli loyal militias, made up from segments of the Christian population. The Christian militias – among them the notorious South Lebanon army – carried out ethnic cleansings, mainly against the Druze and Palestinian minorities. The Korean People’s Army (KPA) have provided support to their brothers-in-arms ever since. General-Secretary Nasrallah himself visited the DPRK for training purposes during this time. Among other noted Hezbollah members who underwent training in the DPRK was Mustafa Badreddine, who served as the movement’s counter-espionage chief in 2006, when Israel attacked Lebanon once again, and Ibrahim Akil, head of Hezbollah’s security and intelligence service. It has also been said that about 100 commandos from Hezbollah have received training by the KPA during the same period. It is even claimed that Korean instructors travelled to Lebanon in 2004 and provided Hezbollah with critical assistance in building an extensive and sophisticated fortified tunnel network in the area south of the Litani River and bordering Israel.

After the Israeli aggression of 2006 against Lebanon, the Zionists have started to fear the training of Hezbollah fighters that is taking place in the DPRK with KPA special forces, as well as counter espionage and intelligence training. The post-2006 training of Hezbollah fighters have proven to be very important for the defense of the Lebanese people. The KPA have continuously assisted Hezbollah, and today they are one of the most efficient non-state actors, not only in the Middle East, but in the world. The imperialists just hate it.
Since 2007, Israel went great lengths to stop the development of nuclear power plants in Iran and Syria and to spread fear among the respective populations. Iranian nuclear engineer Majid Shahriari, was most likely assassinated by Mossad agents… On 29 November 2010, unidentified assailants riding motorcycles launched separate bomb attacks, killing Shahriari and injuring nuclear scientist Fereydoon Abbasi, a professor at Shahid Beheshti University, where Shahriari also taught. Dr. Abbasi’s wife was also wounded. The killers had attached bombs to the professors’ cars and detonated them from a distance. According to The Guardian, Shahriari “had no known links to banned nuclear work” and according to Al Jazeera he “was a quantum physicist and was not a political figure at all” and he “was not involved in Iran’s nuclear programme”. The Zionist regime only objective is to spread terror and fear. Dozens of DPRK citizens have also been killed by the Zionist regime while working on sites in Syria. For example, in March 2007, Mossad agents broke into the Vienna home of Syria’s Atomic Agency director, where they found pictures taken inside a nuclear reactor in Syria. On September 6 the same year, eight Israeli fighter jets dropped 17 tons of explosives on the Syrian site, destroying it. Only some countries are allowed to possess nuclear weapons, while others are not even allowed to have nuclear energy.

More DPRK citizens have also been killed by Israel while working in Syria, like in 1982, during the Lebanese civil war, the DPRK government dispatched special operations forces to Syria to provide training for guerrilla operations, some killed by the Israeli military. It was also claimed by the “moderate” islamist Assad al-Zoubi, that in June 2013, the terrorist held town of Qusair was shelled at dawn with a massive rocket, artillery and mortar fire barrage, and overrun by Syrian armed forces backed by Hezbollah militants. Arab-speaking KPA advisors were integral to the operational planning of the surprise attack and artillery campaign execution during the battle for Qusair, and allied Hezbollah fighters, changing the dynamics of the war in Syria. The victory in Qusair represents a significant military and symbolic victory for the Syrian government and a humiliating defeat for the terrorists.
It is worth mentioning that during the islamist rule of Qusair, that was backed by the West against the legitimate government of Syria, that the military chief of the “armed opposition”, general Abdel Salam Harba, ordered the remaining thousand of the prior ten thousand Christians to leave Qusair after they carried out an ethnic cleansing in the town.

Mother Agnes Miriam of the Cross, Mother Superior of the Monastery of St. James at Qara in the Diocese of Homs, was interviewed on Irish Radio back in June 2012, where she confirmed that the Western backed rebels in Syria were terrorizing Syria’s Christian community. Asked whether it was the Free Syrian Army that was telling Christians to get out, Mother Agnes Miriam answered “yes…it was commander on the ground Abdel Salam Harba who decided that there was to be no more negotiations with Christians.” She said that Christians are being targeted because they are refusing to back the rebels and instead prefer to keep out of either side of the conflict. She said that the rebels are specifically targeting government troops in Christian areas and are taking Christians as human shields. Read the full story

Reactionaries claims that the DPRK is an isolated country and have lost most of its friends since the end of the Cold War, but nothing could be further from the truth. The anti-imperialist connection between the DPRK and other states, and in some cases, like Hezbollah’s, non-state actors, is unbreakable and grow stronger every day. It is not the last time that the US-Israeli pact will try to ruin a peaceful country and encourage sectarian violence in the region. Just like the British imperialists have been using divide and conquer tactics to rule over the people of the occupied six counties, so have Israel done in Lebanon and that is what the imperialists are doing right now in Syria. Today is religion a tool in the hands of the imperialists. We know how the US have been using Christian missionaries in the DPRK to smuggle equipment such as radios, weapons and other illegal things along with their bibles. Religious minorities can live in peace and enjoy religious freedoms and practice their religion in the DPRK as well as Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Civil liberties is something that is unthinkable of though under US-occupation.
Hezbollah is a consequent and advancing organisation that will keep the imperialist hands of the independent states of the Middle East and safeguard the rights of minorities.

In 2012, the Lebanese TV channel Al-Manar aired a television special praising an 8-year-old boy who raised money for Hezbollah and said: “When I grow up, I will be a communist resistance warrior with Hezbollah, fighting the United States and Israel, I will tear them to pieces and drive them out of Lebanon, the Golan and Palestine, which I love very dearly.”

The friendship and solidarity between the DPRK and Hezbollah will forever flourish.

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The Imperialists Fear DPRK’s ICBMs

Every time when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) successfully launches missiles, the imperialists always goes bananas. They do everything from imposing new sanctions, to threaten DPRK’s sovereignty. Now with the DPRK’s newly and successful launch of their intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), Pentagon have announced on behalf of the worst of imperialist scum, that the US have only a “limited capability to defend” its homeland from a small number of “simple” missiles. Donald Trump, who’s still waiting for the presidential inauguration on January 19, but still acts like he is the actual president, have already showed(or maybe “tweeted” is a better choice of words) his North American arrogance.

The US imperialist simply just don’t want others than themselves and their imperialist stooges to possess the missiles. To hear Pentagon admit that they have only a “limited capacity to defend” their pathetic country explains a lot. They really don’t want the DPRK to possess ICBMs, but at the same time don’t want to stop the military provocations against the DPRK. Every time when the US are engaging in provocative military “drills” at DPRK’s borders, DPRK always warned the US, telling them not to violate the sovereignty of the DPRK. The US are always trying to push it further and further, to see how far they can push it, just like a child. It’s never until when the DPRK shows the US that enough is enough, that the provocations ceases.

If the US now really were interested in solving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, they really had their best opportunity to do so when the Clinton administration reached the Agreed Framework between the United States of America and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The objective of the agreement was the freezing and replacement of DPRK’s indigenous nuclear power plant programme with more nuclear proliferation resistant light water reactor power plants, and the step-by-step normalization of relations between the US and the DPRK. DPRK fulfilled their part of the agreement and froze the programme. The only problem was that the US didn’t. Later on, the former Clinton administration admitted to that they never had the intentions to replace the nuclear power plant programme with light water reactors, nor did they intend to normalize the relations with the DPRK. The Clinton administration meant that they could reach the agreement that they were never intending to fulfill as they believed that the DPRK would collapse before they would ever have to do anything. Ever since have different Republican and Democratic administrations tried different vicious methods to have the DPRK cease the research. Now, the US have to fear the Korean ICBMs and they know that once they have crossed the line, the US will have a taste of their own medicine.

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Kim Jong Un mourns Fidel Castro

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Éirann- Cóiréis Dlúthpháirtíocht (Irish – Korean Solidarity)

Though there is of course a massive media build up against the DPRK and all Anti-Imperialist (Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc.) or anti-USA/ NATO Imperialist (Russia, China etc.) the DPRK stands of one the last real bastions against imperialism of any kind in the whole world and this need to be bore in mind by any anti-imperialist minded People.

Korea is an excellent example of a People driven to defiance and by the Parasitic Genocidal Imperialist Countries that sadly still plague our World and from whom the DPRK has achieved many Victories against and has helped others to also achieve victories against. They have helped ourselves in Ireland the 1960-90’s northern War, Angola, Vietnam, Cuba the emerging Socialist Country of Venezuela and more. That is to say they have helped so many Countries have simple peace at last!

Éire – Ireland has endured much hardship at the Hands of imperialists, particularly British Imperialists; Genocides, Refugee Crisis’s, near Complete at times Cultural Genocide, Partition, Deep division of our Peoples along Religious Lines , the remaining outright Occupation of the 6 North Eastern Counties in the Province of Ulster and the 26 Counties under neo-colonial Control by US, UK and EU Imperialist Countries.

The Korean People have undertook all these hardships, Yet in the face of Imperialist aggression the Korean people have stood fast in their love of their Countries freedom and more importantly their love of Socialism, the Only way the Oppressed majority of the world can achieve not only freedom of the Country but the freedom of its people to live decent life’s free from Capitalist Exploitation.

Connolly (Communist Leader of the Great 1916 Easter Rising) said that “Those whom speak so highly of Ireland but not her people mean nothing to me”. This shows the difference between Bourgeois and Proletarian Nationalism and struggle and Korea I feel shows exactly what can be done even in of the massive hardship brought to them by the Imperialist Powers to benefit the Working masses of people in an Oppressed Country. Korean has Universal Health care, Education, mass literacy, democracy, Independence and means to defeat said independence. All things most all in the Neo-Colonial world, even here in Ireland can only dream of.

Was it not correct for them to forge their own way against Imperialism? Was it not right for them to develop Satellite & Nuclear Technology (including Nuclear Missiles)? What was the Alternative? Syria which is the middle of Massive Civil war caused by the USA and it lackeys with their creation of ISIS, Massive Refugee Crisis (the worst since WW2 in Europe), Massive destruction of the Country in general and of course all this only to further tighten US Imperialist grip on the Middle East and among he other Anti-Imperialist Countries left? Or Libya where the biggest beacon of Hope for the African Peoples has been would out Again causing a Massive Refugee Crisis, the complete breakdown of the most Social progressive Government in the African Continent and the leader Gadhafi Anally raped with a knife by NATO puppets? The DPRK developed Nuclear Weapons and Satellite Technology in direct opposition to Imperialism and continues to strive for a Future for itself as a Socialist Country, through a massive blockade (not unlike Cuba) brought about by the USA and it’s puppets in the UN, that even stop relief coming for the Countries People as 10s of Thousands dye just because the USA cannot stand an independent and Socialist Country striving for its own destiny.

I hope Éire agus Cóiréis (Ireland and Korean) , especially with there being 100’s of Thousands in The Southern US puppet state protesting the Country literally being semi-ran by a Cult, (let alone how it is also ran semi-directly by the USA and it current president being the child of the US installed dictator) can come closer together and achieve more than has been done in the past and in these darks times its places like the DPRK that are lights of hope for the Oppressed People all over the world and as the old Irish Republican saying goes “Tis not the Strongest, but those that Endure that will Conquer”.

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Fidel Castro: A Champion of the People

Today on November 26, 2016, we all heard of the passing away of Comrade Fidel Castro, former President of the Republic of Cuba and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. Since the victory of the Cuban revolution we have seen illiteracy been eradicated from Cuba. Raul Castro announced in a brief speech that: “The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 [EST] this evening.” Under the leadership of Comrade Fidel Castro, Cuba have also developed a free universal healthcare system against all odds. Not only did it become unique where Cuba have researched and developed cures and medicines that no other country have, and that other countries want, but it is one of the best in the world. Progresses in areas such as healthcare, education and energy sustainability are now in world class, despite the US embargo. CIA have targeted Cuba in several smear campaigns against where they have tried to discredit the socialist government of Cuba and even went so far that between 1960 – 1965, it is estimated that they tried to assassinate Fidel Castro 638 times! As with most US ventures abroad, they failed though and a credible distrust is built towards the US.


As late as yesterday, Comrade Fidel Castro said that the time was approaching for a younger generation to take over, in his public farewell speech, and this morning he’s no longer with us. There’s no secret that the friendship between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) and the Republic of Cuba flourished since the early days of revolution. DPRK have always been the most far-east outpost against US imperialism and Cuba have always been in the far-west. After Cuba was betrayed by the Soviet Union’s defeatism, President Castro turned to President Kim Il Sung as he knew he could trust him.

With an aggressive neighbour like the US, the Cuban people knew that another “Bay of Pigs” might occur at any time. President Castro communicated with his friend President Kim Il Sung :”We asked him if they could supply us with weapons free of charge as they had in the past. He responded that they would.”

“We then communicated to him: ‘Don’t worry. Send us the arms and we will take care of the invaders ourselves.”
Castro continued and credited Kim Il Sung: “a veteran and unimpeachable combatant, sent us 100,000 AK rifles and (ammunition) without charging a cent,” he said.

Even though our great comrade Fidel Castro have passed away, his achievements and unbroken solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world will forever live on and the bond of friendship between the Korean- and Cuban people will live on forever.

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Kim Jong Un Receives Letter from Chairman of KFA

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) — Supreme leader Kim Jong Un received a letter from Alejandro Cao de Benos, chairman of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), on behalf of the participants in an international meeting of the KFA for successfully holding the 2017 Meeting Praising Great Persons of Mt. Paektu on Nov. 5.

The letter said:
The KFA met today in the city of Dublin, Ireland, to remember the life and immortal exploits of the great persons of Mt. Paektu.

Members of the KFA and friends of the DPRK from all over the world find inspiration in the exemplary life of our great leader President Kim Il Sung, Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and Mother Kim Jong Suk and Marshal Kim Jong Un.
Regardless of race, country or religion, we believe that the teachings based in the motto; “All for one and one for all”, and the unity between the leader and the masses, are the perfect way to overcome all obstacles in the construction of the new society, free from the chains of imperialism.

The Korean Friendship Association will continue expanding its work internationally for the defense and glory of the Republic, always loyal to Your Excellency, who is the perfect leader to continue materializing the construction of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilst society, based on love and happiness. -0-

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KFA International Meeting Held

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) — An international meeting for successfully holding the 2017 Meeting Praising the Great Persons of Mt. Paektu took place in Dublin, Ireland on Nov. 5.

Present there were delegates of branches of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Poland, Ireland, Britain, Italy, Spain, U.S. and other countries.

The delegate of the Irish branch of the KFA made a report and congratulatory letters sent by Alejandro Cao de Benos, chairman of the KFA headquartered in Spain, and the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries to the meeting were read out.

A director of the board of the KFA and delegates of its branches made speeches.

The speakers stressed that the year 2017 will mark the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the 75th birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il, the 5th anniversary of Marshal Kim Jong Un’s election to the top posts of the party and state and the 100th birth anniversary of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk, praising the undying exploits performed by the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu for the prosperity of the country, happiness of its people and carrying out the cause of global independence.

A statement supporting the appeal made by the international preparatory committee for the 2017 Meeting Praising the Great Persons of Mt. Paektu was published.

Noting the eternal footprints of the great persons of Mt. Paektu will be the path to follow by the Korean people and all the world’s progressive people, it called on all friends of the DPR of Korea to show their administration and actively participate in the events that will unfold in Juche 106.
A letter to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting. -0-

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