The need for the Songun policy

The songun policy (military first policy), developed in DPR Korea under the leadership of the Workers Party of Korea and Kim Jong-Il have demonstrated the need of it in Korea. Songun is something that every, at present, and future, anti-imperialist states are in need of.

From the historical view where DPR Korea had Russia as an important ally, the need for songun wasn’t of that much importance, but with both Russia and China lost as allies as well as having USA occupying the south of Korea, wanting to invade the DPR Korea, there were no greater need of songun then in that time. Songun is still today of very importance in Korea and with an army having the capacibility of actually defeating the forces of US/NATO/UN as well as being able to supply the Korean People’s Army with nothing but resources from DPR Korea, that is not only a challange for a small country as DPR Korea but of importance for its survival.

All of the NATO countries are more or less dependent on the USA, both politically and logistic. DPR Korea have never been dependent on any super power and the Juche idea introduced after WWII were a voice speaking for the korean people, that after the japanese occupation of Korea no foreign powers should ever be able to interference with Korea.
After the war, the world was divided between the winners and since Korea was a part of Japan so happened to Korea. Soviet Union had the north part of Korea and USA had the south part. According to the agreement, an election was supposed to be held of who would rule the whole country. Either the communists in the north or the capitalist in the north. Like in Vietnam, the communists would have won if an election would have been held (after the cold war, reports have been released from the CIA where it said that 80% of the vietnamese would have voted for socialism in Vietnam, and that is the reason why US preferred a war then that the people of Vietnam would have a peaceful unification). Kim Jong Il won a landslide victory in the all-korean election but the election was failed by the USA and that is the reason of the korean war as well as the occupation of the south today.
KPA greeted by local citizens
The situation in Korea is not unsimilar to the situation in northern Ireland. Even though a great majority of the irish want to see the british out of the north, they are still there. They call themselves a democracy, they give their own view of democracy to the north but they won’t give the actual right of self determine the future of their own land. As the situation is today, northern Ireland won’t be free. It doesn’t matter who is in the government. The system today is only open for pro-imperialists and careerists. If an anti-imperialist government would actually come to power, it would have been thrown out of the country by imperialist armed force.

An armed, popular revolution is the only solution to the plague we called imperialism. With the armed masses, the british imperialists wouldn’t be able to keep their grip of their parts they are trying to control. There is only a matter of time until they are forced to withdraw their occupational forces from the middle east. then the rest of the world. Eventually the people will have its justice and the oppressors will have its punishment.

As for us, there is only a matter of time until the people will have the power of their own destiny. A revolution where the ritches and profits of the capital will come handy to us. Building an industry for the needs of the people, not for the private profiteers. An invincible army, able to fight back any invasions will be of greatest importance by the time democracy based on the people rules, whereever you are.

One thought on “The need for the Songun policy

  1. Congratulations to the Juche Idea Study Group of Ireland on your formation.A great
    achievement to have a Juche Idea Study Group in the land of James Connolly .Wolfe
    Tone and the Easter Uprising.
    We wish you every success in your work.

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