New strikes against opposition in south korea

The only time you here about political prisoners in south korea in the mainstream media is when the government shows its act of goodwill and release prisoners who have suffered under the hard bourgeois dictatorship upheld in south korea. It is of course much more nice to hear about released political prisoners, then of that they are actually getting new political prisoners. According to the CIA world fact book, South Korea is a functional democracy. We don’t agree.
When they release political prisoners in south korea, they discredit former presidents, often from the time of military rule, as the guilty of the imprisonment of people who did nothing but speak words that the government dislike.

Since you never come to hear about new imprisonment of opposition in the south, it is very hard to know how many of them who’s still locked up. Here is a good example of main stream media only writing about the release of prisoners, though it become obvious as well that they keep many more political prisoners on demand of the dictatorial regime.

On December 13, the south korean police arrested Kim Se Chang, organizational chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification. The south government will try to smash any threat against them. In court, he will be given at least a couple years in prison. Read the whole article here

At the same time the US imperialists and their puppets in the south are planning a new war in Korea, the attacks and suppression on opposition will intensify. We will report of more assaults of opposition in Korea. As what happened in the korean war, the south organized death squads to murder mainly communists. That situation isn’t to distant now.

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