Announcement from the Association for study of Songun politics UK and Juche Idea Study Group of England

London 18th of December
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK,the Juche Idea Study Group of England together with the UK Korean Friendship issued the following statement in connection with the annoucement of the south Korean puppets live firing drill on Yonphyong Island.
We strongly denounce the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists for proceeding
with live firing drills on Yonphyong Island from 18th December to 21st December.This
is an extremely reckless provocation.It is a direct violation of the DPRK’s sovereignity
as shells will land on DPRK territory no matter which way they are fired.We cannot help thinking that the south Korean puppet regime has been overcome by a suicidial impluse
to start a war which will end in their own destruction.

We support the just stance of the Korean People’s Army in saying it will launch powerful
retaliatory strikes.


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