Cuba appoints 6th of October to “the day for the victims of state terrorism”

The Spanish news agency EFE reports that the Cuban Government has appointed 6 October to “Day for the victims of state terrorism” in memory of all those Cubans who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks against Cuba.

In a speech to the Defense Ministry in Havana, President Raul Castro urged the United States to end its double standard on terrorism. Castro demanded that Obama stop terrorist acts, originating in the United States, against Cuba. The Cuban people has been a goal of state terrorism since the 1959 revolution, said Castro.

“We are here today to commemorate the 3478 Cubans who have died, and the 2099 disabled, due to the terrorist attacks on our country for half a century. That makes 5577 victims. These attacks include kidnappings, hijackings, sabotage and assassinations, and assassination attempts, including plots against Fidel Castro’s life. ”

During the ceremony, also noted the victims of the 1976 sabotage of a Cuban civilian aircraft, which claimed the lives of 73 Cubans. Castro emphasized that the Cuban territory has never been and never will be, something from which to organize, finance or carry out terrorist actions against any other country. It includes the U.S. and is in line with the 13 international agreements.

Cuban authorities and relatives of victims have criticized the U.S. for “sponsoring terrorist activities” against Cuba and that the United States allow terrorists to live freely in the country. Relatives of those killed in aircraft crash sent a letter to Obama in which they demand that Luis Posada must be brought to justice for his terrorist acts against Cuba, or that he will be deported to Venezuela.

Cuba Central Team (USA) 101008


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