Biggest battle exercise commenced in the south.

South Korean warships have launched a four-day exercise in the disputed eastern border waters near North Korea. The maneuver also includes air forces and ground troops.

South Korea launches on Wednesday a three-day long artillery exercise at the Korean Peninsula’s east coast. The defense minister in Seoul told Yonhap news agency that it is kept around 100 kilometers south of the sea border to the north side.

The entire exercise is also included combat aircraft and tanks, mobile artillery and 800 soldiers. With participants from the three branches it is the largest maneuver that South Korea completed, said a military spokesman.

The forces will include practicing to respond to intrusions by North Korean submarines and patrol vessels, it said.

The last military exercise in Korea occured only a couple days ago. The US imperialists and their puppets in the south is makes it more obvious that they want a full-scale war on in Korea. DPR Korea warned them to not have the exercise at the border to the north. US and South Korea ignored the warning and had the exercise and DPR Korea didn’t respond. This might be the biggest military exercise launched by South Korea for now, but they will have bigger once closer to the borders to DPR Korea, not unlike a child testing limits.

As long as there are US troops located in South Korea, there is no way for an everlasting peace nor a peaceful reunification of the country. These provocative military exercises will continue until DPR Korea responds or when the US “finds” themselves a reason to invade.

USA is a superpower on the way down with a failing economy as well as failing wars, mainly in the Middle East and Latin America. Now struggling with homepages, critical to the USA, by censure them as well as the WikiLeaks incident only makes the falling empire more desperate to start a new war and bring back their good face to the world.
All empires eventually falls. It may last for a thousand years – but never forever.


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