Time for Celebration

Kim Jong Suk

Christmas is a time known to many for spending time with their loved ones.
Many relates to christmas to just sit inside their warm house, drinking mulled wine and having ginger bread, having good food and gaining some weight during the days of christmas. Everyone doesn’t have that possibility. All over the world, there are homeless and starving people, even in the rich world.

From the religious view, christmas is also a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus may possibly been a real person but it is kind of doubtful that he could walk walk on water or turn water into wine – unless he was a moonshiner.

The 24th of December is also the birthday of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-imperialist heroine and eventually the wife of Kim Il Sung and the mother of Kim Jong-Il. As anti-imperialists it is in our interest to remember Kim Jong Suk and her unselfish will and courage of liberate her people and country of the Japanese imperialist forces.

Long live the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Kim Jong Suk!


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