Pro-north Korean sites brisk in south Korea

There are hundreds of pro-north Korean sites in south Korea.

The south Korean conservative authorities makes desperate efforts to block them, however, they cannot check the people’s feelings towards north Korea.

The sites make loop around connection IP at any time. It is hard to block it in the present situation, a south Korea committee lamented.

A site for correct understanding of the DPRK, once blocked by the authorities, started its operation.

There are letters “North Korea is no more a tabooed domain” and “Restriction of access to the site is unfair. Withdraw the restriction of freedom of expression” in the initial screen of the sites.

In other sites there are articles of Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

There are more than 1, 880 articles, photos and animations at present. The site has a program to help access to the pro-north Korean sites.

A resident surnamed Hwang, 42, living in the Gyeonggi Province opened a portal site in August 2007 and has ran the site with 380 articles in praise of north Korea and six animations.

He posted articles titled “A case affirming clear stand on the northern limit line” after the Yonpyong Island shelling.

There are 331 poems of 324 members in praise of leader Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un in his site.

They are confident about the bright prospects of national reunification, exchanging sentence “Powerful north Korea and brilliant commander give us great relief.” The site has 7, 283 subscribers as of November 30.

The south Korean public feelings towards Kim Jong Il, the sun of Songun, and Songun Korea, a beacon of hope, are enthusiastic.

December 2010
Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

South Korean police brutaly attacks democracy activists
We would also like to recommend this reading about how the puppet government in South Korea oppress any kind of opposition that offers an alternative to an occupied and divided Korea.


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