Self-Reliance, Key to Strong Economy

Pyongyang, January 7 (KCNA) — The joint New Year editorial issued by major newspapers of the DPRK calls for adhering to the principle of self-reliance in economic construction.
The principle has been consistently maintained by the Workers’ Party of Korea in the protracted and arduous revolutionary struggle.
With this principle, the DPRK has built an independent economy from poor foundations.
The U.S.-led imperialists and their allies have persistently tried to obstruct the DPRK’s economic construction with sanctions and blockade. However, they could not block the development of the DPRK as its economy is dependent on its own strength, technologies and resources.
Solid foundations have been laid in the DPRK to massproduce steel, fiber and fertilizers with domestic materials and fuel. Signal achievements have also been made in the ultra-modern scientific and technological field like information and nuclear technologies.
These facts clearly prove that self-reliance is a key to building a strong economy.


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