S. Korea Urged to Stop Scheme for Military Tie-up with Japan

Pyongyang, January 17 (KCNA) — The Bar Association for Democratic Society and other civic and social organizations in south Korea issued a joint statement on Jan. 14, urging the authorities to halt seeking military tie-up with Japan.
The statement noted that debate on conclusion of south Korea-Japan military agreement is going on in earnest over the present aggravated situation of the Korean Peninsula.
This is aimed to legalize advance of Japan’s “Self-Defense Forces” into the peninsula in “contingency” and lay a springboard for the U.S.-Japan-south Korea military alliance, so far forwarded, the statement pointed out, adding: It is a very dangerous act of threatening peace of the peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia.
The authorities should promptly halt the scheme for military tie-up with Japan, a move posing threat to peace, it urged.


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