Northeast Asia Changes in Military Structure

Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) — Northeast Asia is undergoing a change in the military structure.
From the beginning of the new century the United States has concentrated its effort on gaining control of the region where it has vital interest.
As part of the effort, the United States has bolstered its military presence in the region. It has invested 12.6 billion dollars in the expansion of its Guam military establishment, the largest-ever investment in military installations in the western Pacific region since the end of the Second World War.
The United States has tightened up military alliance with Japan and south Korea, reinforcing its forces in the region. Many U.S. battleships, including nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and nuclear attack means have been deployed on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity.
Japan has already made public a “mid-term program for defense capabilities adjustment” envisaging an investment of 276 billion dollars in the military in five years, a sign that Japan’s defense capabilities will be boosted sharply.
South Korea and Japan are also seeking military cooperation.
The defense ministers of south Korea and Japan held talks on January 10 and agreed to have regular consultations for a military agreement and push ahead with the conclusion of agreements on supply of military equipment and comprehensive security of military information. If the two sides have the agreements, they will be able to share military information and closely cooperate in supply of fuel, food and other war materials.
Some countries’ moves to cope with the U.S.-Japan-south Korea military tieup draw public attention.
Russia plans to stage largest-ever military exercises in the Far East in 2011 and boost its military existence in the region.
In recent years China has been equipped with latest-type arms to increase its military capabilities.
The change in the military structure of Northeast Asia is widely viewed as a sign of another cold war.


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