Han Sang Ryol 5 years

Han Sang Ryol holding a unification flag
Han Sang Ryol and other supporters of a united Korea holds the unification flag.

On the 21st of January, the korean pastor, patriot and peace activist Han Sang Ryol was sentenced to five years imprisonment as well as five years disqualification from holding office by the South Korean puppet regimes Seoul Central District Court.

Han Sang Ryol was arrested and prosecuted for visiting DPR Korea without the prior consent of the South Korean administration on June 12th, 2010, staying for 70 days and meeting high officials and agents, offering praise for the Songun politics and the Juche idea and denouncing the South Korean administration.

Additionally, he was accused of leading a movement to get rid of a statue of General Douglas McArthur in Incheon when he agreed with North Korea’s assertion, “The statue of General McArthur must be demolished as an act symbolic of the withdrawal of U.S. Forces from the South, anti-Americanism and anti-war.”

Han Sang Ryol will be one of many political prisoners in South Korea. According to the National Security Act, you are not allowed to posess certain literature, which means that even your interest in any communist or even revisionist reading is illegal. The National Security Act is not only a law to surpress those who want a united Korea without foreign intervention but as well a threat to those who sympathizes with for example Trotskij. Now there is many trotskyists who see South Korea as a democratic state and despice the DPR Korea, still their anti-communist and pro-imperialist stance, as well as their love for the bourgiousie, would not show them mercy in South Korea.

There are hundreds of known prisoners in Korea, imprisoned because of what they have said, read or believes in. Now when the puppet authorities have thrown this old and highly respected pastor, Han Sang Ryol, in prison, they have just walked one step further to their own destruction. To be patriot these days is not easy as long as imperialism is your enemy. As well as it is easy to call yourself a patriot in an imperialist country and you will even get rewarded for fighting on the imperialist behalf. The US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who returns home in coffins are praised as heroes by their government and their authorities. It is most unlikely though that the close ones of the dead agrees though, since they have actually died in vain. Fighting for a country that gives nothing back to you, even when you die for it, on the behalf of the rich people and the multinational companies, is nothing to be proud of. Fighting for freedom is impossible abroad, but fighting for yours and others freedom is worth fighting for.

There is just a matter of time until the masses in South Korea will rise and attack the imperialist oppressors.

Read our earlier article about pastor Han Sang Ryol.

budhist monk praying for Han Sang Ryol
A Buddhist monk prays during a rally welcoming a South Korean Rev. Han Sang Ryol’s return from the DPR Korea

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