The shadowy anti DPRK propagandist

February 8 (ANGLO-PEOPLES KOREA FRIENDSHIP/SONGUN)Sometimes we all can pay too much attention to anti DPRK propaganda but sometimes it is worth actually looking at those producing it.Looking at the wikipedia bio of chief anti DPRK propagandist Barbara Demick I noticed immediately no date of birth given,no age given.Stange isn’t it.Also no educational career history or anything like that.She seems to have parachuted in from nowhere and appeared in US journalism sometime in the 1990s.

A shadowy figure who first appeared in the 1990s and produced anti Serb anti Yugoslav propaganda.Now the DPRK is her target.The introductory blurb ahout her says she lived in Seoul(though not actually in the DPRK which she claims to be an expert on).Any US or indeed any foreign journalist in Seoul usually comes into contact with the infamous south Korean “National Intelligence Service”(formerly
the Agency For National Security Planning formerly the KCIA).Indeed the defectors who form the source material of her book are under the control of the NIS.These traitors given $100,000 each by the south Korean regime and naturally say anything they are told.

Maybe we should do more to expose Ms Demick’s book and hold protests where it
is distributed.


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