The obvious lie revealed

Today we can read about Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janab and his lie that costs civilian lives everyday as well millions of lost civilians already.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janab from Iraq, who lived in exile in Germany since 1995 have now made it official that he just made it up the facts that Iraq carried weapons of mass destructions, which was the main argument for the US imperialists to invade Iraq and crush the regime of Saddam Hussein – their former ally. Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janab was interviewed by The Guardian, where he admitted that it all was nothing but a lie. He came up with the lie because he didn’t like the Saddam regime and even though millions of civilians are killed in Iraq he still thinks today that what he did was good for Iraq and that he had to do that for his country. If this is not a criminal act, then what isn’t?

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janab lives free in Germany, protected by the imperialists, but it is for sure that he will get his punishment, though traitors can’t live a life without watching their own back.

The US led invasion of Iraq is in one month into its eight year of occupation. Many scandals have been revealed during the occupations of Iraq as well as Afghanistan. Secret CIA prisons in eastern Europe has came up to the light, where CIA moves citizens from around the world to, and not very often innocent people. American soldiers have killed civilians, cut their limbs of and posed with the cut of limbs in front of a camera. The list is long.

Many people around the world had doubts about that Iraq actually did carry weapons of mass destruction and that the main motives of the invasion was to steal the oil, which american oil companies today is stealing from Iraq, as well as secure the existance of Israel (who happenst to be not a very popular neightbor), though Iraq used to be one of the biggest threats to Israel.

Many lies have been revealed lately, much because of Wikileaks, where it also was revealed that the so called dissidents in Cuban prisons were paid of american agents, and that is the american sources that claims.

Now next time before you read something in the papers, don’t swallow it, think about it, try to found out if it’s true. But if it’s an obvious lie like that Iraq had weapons of mass destructions, even though the United Nations had inspectors who didn’t find any signs of it or that the coach of the DPRK football team Kim Jong-Hun was sent to hard labor work in a construction site because DPRK didn’t played very good in the FIFA World Cups last year. Two weeks later, the South Korean news paper Chosun Ilbo, who published the “news” then changed their version though it was clear that Kim Jong-Hun are gonna coach the DPRK team in the upcoming Asian Cups.

All news that are published about Korea, those that we read about in the papers, are coming straight from South Korea, who is still in war with DPRK. Which actually makes the information that we read about in papers not trustworthy, when it comes to DPRK.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a friend and supporter of all anti-imperialist and progressive peoples around the world, so even the freedom fighters who’s fighting the US/NATO occupational forces in the middle east. It is the duty of all anti-imperialists around the world to support their rightous struggle for self determination of their own country and people.

We at the Juche Study Group of Ireland would like to recommend this short text written by the Iraq war veteran Bobby Whittenberg who turned against the war after being shot by freedom fighters.


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  1. ASSPUK-JISGE says:

    Thank you for a very good and well written article that exposes the lies of imperialism against progressive countries.Much of the reporting on the DPRK in the USA,UK etc is based on material simply copied from the south Korean media including material from so called “defectors” who in reality criminals and traitors to their homeland.They paid
    $100,000 dollars when they defect and given houses by the south Korean puppets and
    As you correctly say the US and south Korea are technically at war with the DPRK and as it used to be said “truth is the first casuality in war”.

    Now there is one so called expert on the DPRK who has written a book based on stories
    from “defectors” but if you look you cant find a date of birth for this person or details
    of her education.”Parachuted in from nowhere”,probably a CIA agent.Also another
    so called “academic expert” on the DPRK in the UK is pictured with GW Bush senior
    etc is a a “professor of security and resilience”(what does that mean-links with
    Mi6,mi5 and the CIA).

    The so called journalists the lie makers who write about the DPRK are paid high salaries and enjoy lavish lifestyles.

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