The superiority of Juche and Songun proved in practice

The events unfolding within a certain country prove the validity and superiority of the Juche idea and Songun idea and the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il which underpin these concepts.

A certain middle east country which once pursued independent anti imperialist and progressive policies is now convulsed with unrest and the imperialists are circling like vultures to intervene and destroy the country and seize oil reserves.The imperialists are
openly talking about no fly-zonesThis country was not guided by a consistent ideology but an eclectic ideology.Instead of maintaining a consistent anti imperialist stand this country gave into US and world imperialism hoping to be on good terms with it,it surrendered its nuclear programme.Now instead of being friends with this country and its leader the imperialists seek to overthrow the leader and destroy the country and have incited its agents and internal traitors to rise up against the government
KCNA rightly pointed out that
“The imperialists regard the bourgeois ideological and cultural poisoning as an essence of the strategy of “spread of democracy” and attach great efforts to this. The U.S. is intensifying the psychological and strategic broadcasting towards different countries including the DPRK, Cuba and Iran while spreading through various channels and means the reactionary bourgeois idea and the rotten Yankee way of life and culture among the peoples in an attempt to bring about change in their idea and mentality. It is the calculation of the imperialists that they may easily achieve by carrot what they fail to do by whip.
The imperialists would offer “aid”, “cooperation” and “loan” to other countries as if they show generosity. But, such offering does not come from their honest mind for sincere help to those countries and it is by no means for their prosperity. It is a means for securing their economic interests and realizing political and economic subordination and domination.

Let us always remember that the most dangerous enemy that a country,organisation or
party can face is the enemy within ,the unseen hidden agents of imperialism working hand in glove with imperialism.In the country concerned they have staged an ‘uprising’ under the
manipaulation of imperialismanipulation DPRK under the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il upholding the banner of Songun,the banner of Juche and self reliance refused to
make concessions to imperialism and retained its nuclear deterrent.The DPRK will only give this up when the US imperialists finally end their hostile anti DPRK policy and not
before.This line is leading the DPRK to victory defeating imperialism.



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