Summary of the election

The recent election have probably not went past unnoticed by anyone. We know that socialism can´t be achieved through elections and that elections are nothing more but a tool for the bourgeoisie to keep their power. The history shown us that when states who actually have brought socialism through elections the results are not respected by the bourgeoisie so just to name one famous example is the coup in Chile, staged by the USA. After the coup, Chile became the first country in the world to be tried by the neo-liberalism developed and formed by British economics under Thatcher which later became the dominating ideology of Europe as well as countries outside of Europe, and it´s still today.
If the bourgeois society haven´t been swept away then it will come back by any means though the bourgeoisie won´t just let go of their power.

It was a logical option to see how Fianna Fáil dropped 58 seats from 78 to 20 seats as well as the Green Party went from government with Fianna Fáil to no seats at all.
What we should focus on though is the advance of the Labour Party from 20 seats to 37 and that the people and the unions who gave them support wanted them to lead a strong opposition of Sinn Féin, who went from four seats to 14 seats, United Left Alliance, who got five seats as well as independents TD’s who´s sympathetic to them. Instead Labour went with Fine Gael to have a government coalition with them.
The fact that they decided to go with Fine Gael instead of the more left-wing and have lead a strong opposition shows that Labour doesn´t care about their voters nor the people they claim to represent.
The bourgeoisie may appear in different shapes, Social Democrats as the Labour Party, Fine Gael and their blue shirts, open as Fianna Fáil or British imperialists – all the same though.
The bourgeoisie will always come up with nicknames for those who doesn´t wanna vote since their pseudo-democracy is based on the illusion that change´s possible if you just go to vote in a while and then you can work yourself up through the capitalist system. That´s what they call democracy.


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