The UK Korean Friendship Association along with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and ASSPUK wish to issue a statement of protest against the US imperialists computer game “Homefront”.This game paints the DPRK as the aggressors.Such propaganda is childish and absurd.The DPRK has never invaded any country,its troops are not in other countries but the US keeps its military,navy and airforce in south Korea,thousands of miles from the shores of the US.It is the US that since 1945 intervened in more than 150 countries and being involved in dozens of conflicts.The US has a massive network overseas military bases straddling the globe.
“Homefront” could be dismissed as simply a moneymaking ploy by the giant US capitalist
electronics monopolies and as crude and banal propaganda,indeed it might actually increase interest in the DPRK,however it should be noted that as part of the marketing effort for the game anti DPRK rallies have been held in the US.Thus the “Homefront” game
aims at inciting war pyschosis against the DPRK.It aims to make young people view the
DPRK as an aggressive enemy threatening them and prepare them for the idea that they
might have to fight in conflict against the DPRK.

The game slanders the idea,system and policy of the DPRK.The DPRK’s foreign policy is
underpinned by the concepts of independence,peace and friendship.It has no intention to
invade and conquer the US mainland.The DPRK weapons are for self defence.They are
weapons of justice defending the independence of the DPRK and its dignified socialist
We call on people to reject the vile and false propaganda of “Homefront” ,we call on
progressive and peace loving people to fight the lies about the DPRK.If you support the
DPRK please join the UK KFA (email uk@korea-dpr,com)



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