KPA Day Celebrated in south east London

On the 27th of April The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the JISGE and ASSPUK organised a social with film show to mark the 79th anniversary of the foundation of the glorious Korean People’s Army. This was held in Woolwich,south east London and attended by members of the afore said organisations who are resident in south east London and north Kent.

The films “Korea Glorified by Songun”, “75th Anniversary of the Korean People’s Army ” and DPRK feature film “On the Railways ”

Participants enjoyed the films and highly praised the military strength of the DPRK built up by the great leaders comrades Kim ll Sung and Kim Jong Il. It was stressed that the US imperialists are waiting for the chance to attack and try to destroy the DPRK, this can be
seen by the situations in Libya,Iraq,Afghanistan and now Syria, but the might of Songun and KPA prevents this from happening. Society in the DPRK is firmly united around the leader and party.


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