The Death of Bin Ladin

Everyone´s probably remember 9/11.
Terrorism is an terrible way that imperialists always used to control the populations as well as spreading their wars. Since 9/11 2001, US started two wars in the middle east and is about to go to Iran next.
The lie that was revealed and confessed by the liar, a lie that have already costed millions of Iraqi civilians their lives. Terrorism is a sign mark for imperialism. The British imperialists started with concentration camps and was as well adopted by the imperialists of Nazi-Germany. Guantanamo Bay is another similar example of imperialist terror as well as the laws forced through in many US puppet states of Latin America where people have to prove their innocence without a court proving one guilty.

The wars in the middle east have erased states hostile to Israel and been replaced with US puppet states and turned Afghanistan into an opium producing banana republic. (Afghanistan produces over 90% of all opium in the world today, from 10% before the US invasion). Opium which is turned into heroine and spread over the world to the enemy of the US-imperialism, such as China and Iran.

The 9/11 terror attack is very similar to the one Lavon Affair, a failed terrorist attack staged by Israel, aimed towards its allies Britain and US, with the purpose to blame Egyptian communists and anti-Zionist Egyptian nationalists. The purpose of the Zionist terrorist attack were to wage war against the Egyptian socialist government. There´s not really any real, sturdy evidence of that Islamic terrorists were behind the 9/11 terror attack but if you follow up the line of Zionist terrorism you see that the 9/11 terror attack follows the line of the Israeli foreign terror policy.

Read more about the Lavon Affair here or here.
Israeli terrorism in Palestine have lasted for decades. If anyone claims to be a an anti-terrorist you can´t support imperialism, since without imperialism there wouldn´t be terrorism.


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