London 5th of May 2011
The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK issued the following joint statement taking issue with the false propaganda of the imperialists over the human rights question in the DPRK.
The imperialist media quoted a report of the so called “Amnesty International ” making various claims about “political prisoners” and ” camps” in the DPRK . The report of “Amnesty International” lacks impartiality and is moreover invalid and illegal under international law because has been made without visiting the DPRK, and is also an interference in the affairs f the DPRK .”AI” ‘s report lacks a factual basis .In fact is is based on misinformation from the south Korean puppet “Unification Ministry” and south Korean puppet media (as well south Korean puppet spy agencies and the CIA ) .It is nothing but
a fabrication from a to z.
As a matter of fact the number of ” political prisoners” it claims exist in the DPRK would be difficult to hide in a country that is not so great in size. Such a large prisoner
population would require a huge number of guards etc so any camps would be in fact
larger than towns and cities. Members of the JISGE and UK KFA who have visited the DPRK many times (unlike messrs Amnesty International) can categorically and honestly
say that they never seen such any prison camps in the DPRK .Moreover on passing the
Central Court in the DPRK there was no sign of activity but it would have been busy if there
were such a large number of convicts. The “satellite images” which are purportedly “prison
camps” are simply agricultural and industrial facilities as well as construction sites.

The DPRK constitution actually gurantees the freedom of speech,press and assembly as
well the right to work ,right to free education and free medical care.

It is the US that has the largest prison population in the world. It is also the south Korean
puppet regime that is the biggest human rights violator. For decades it has repressed
communists and progressives slaughtering many in the past and still maintains the
“National Security Law” which is very repressive. South Korean people suffer from
poverty,unemployment and homelessness. Indeed south Korea has the highest suicide
This propaganda of imperialism,the south Korean puppets and organisations like “Amnesty
International” is parrt of the pyschological warfare agains the DPRK aimed at both
tarnishing the image of Juche socialism and destablising the DPRK. It is also to prepare
the ground for so called “humanitarian intervention” .It is an act of ‘information terrorism’ against the DPRK and a violation of its sovereignity.
We demand that the Amnesty International shows impartiality and withdraws its false report about the DPRK and instead exposes the violations of human rights in south Korea.
We call on progressive people to campaign for this demand. We call on the imperialists to
stop interfering in the DPRK.



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