Queens visit

The queen of England is not a very popular person here in Ireland, out of logical reasons. During her visit there have been reports of bombs as well as the irish tax payers have to pay 70 million euros for her security. Not to forget that the irish society were on the verge to bankruptcy not long time ago, resulting in welfare cuts as well as raised taxes for the workers. The banks started as well taking fees for using their services because, as they claim themselves, have no money. The paradox that the queen is here and we have to pay for the visit, just confirms that there is no other way for the working class to gain its freedom, then through the revolutionary means. We just had an election to get rid of the Fianna Fáil and the Green Party, just to install the new, fascist coalition, the blue shirts of Fine Gael and the social democratic Labour Party. At least credits for the state that they can get money from nowhere when the biggest social welfare is visiting.
Down with the puppet government of Ireland and replace it with a democratic peoples government.


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