FARC’s increasing in success

The reactionary site Insightcrime.org have recently published an debate article about FARC’s(Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia)both increasing and successful attacks on the reactionary army of Colombia as well as they are gaining more ground in the country. The so called think-tank that released the article that this is based on, Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris, is an organization mostly based on turncoats from the ELN(Ejército de Liberación Nacional). Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris is claiming to be non-political, still they have an estimated budget of half a million dollars, financed by the UN as well as the EU. How they still can be non-political is hard to believe.
As long as the US-puppet reactionaries will be in power in Colombia, there will be an armed struggle. No matter how many troops the US will have in the country nor how much money they will invest in the so called “war on drugs”, which in the reality means a war on the people, there will always be an an armed resistance.
You can read the article from Insightcrime here.

Former US Special Forces officer Stan Goff said:
“My own personal experience as a military advisor in Colombia in 1992 leads me to conclude that the ‘war on drugs’ is simply a propaganda ploy, a legitimizing story for the American public. We were briefed by Public Affairs Officers that counter-narcotics was a cover story…” (ibid).

Read more here


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