Lee Myung Bak Group of S. Korea Indicted for Human Rights Abuses

Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) — The Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea and the DPRK Association of Human Rights Studies on July 22 issued a joint indictment to disclose the criminal contents and anti-human rights nature of south Korea’s “National Security Law” and the Lee Myung Bak group’s violations of human rights.
According to the indictment, the “National Security Law”, which consists of four chapters and 25 sections and annex, is the most fascist law against human rights unprecedented in its contents.
Every section of the NSL contains expressions hostile to fellow countrymen such as “anti-state organization” and “its members.” The first sentence of paragraph 2 of the first sub-section of Section 4 in particular stipulates the north as “an enemy state.”
The NSL is the most draconic law applicable to all activities of those going against the requirements and interests of the ruling quarters on charges of “state disturbance” and “threat to state existence”.
The course of its enactment and retrogressive revision makes it possible to clearly know about the ulterior purpose and nature of those who instituted this evil law.
The NSL is a legal and institutional mechanism the Syngman Rhee clique of traitors set up on December 1, 1948 to justify the puppet colonial regime installed through the “separate election” and freeze the national split.
At that time the NSL had six sections. It was an imitation of “The Maintenance of the Public Order Act” in the period of the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule. It was also a copy of a “decree” of the U.S. military administration which called on it to suppress the independent rights of the south Korean people.
This law has steadily undergone a retrogressive revision to be a tool of the puppet ruling quarters for maintaining the fascist dictatorial system and escalating the confrontation with compatriots.
The indictment cites concrete data to prove that since the very day it took office the Lee Myung Bak puppet group revived the NSL and fascist dictatorial system and has savagely violated the rights of the south Koreans.
According to the data, the group has harshly suppressed on the strength of the NSL the people who rose up demanding independence and democracy of the south Korean society and national reunification.
The puppet conservative group is steeped in sycophancy towards the U.S. to the marrow of its bones. No sooner had it come to power than executed by invoking the NSL those people who called for the end to the U.S. domination and interference. On the contrary it has called for “priority to south Korea-U.S. relations” and “strategic alliance in the 21st century.”
It thus disclosed its true colors as A-class stooge and henchman serving the U.S. imperialists whose military presence in south Korea is root cause of the Korean nation’s misfortune and sufferings.
The Lee group’s suppression of personages of different social standings and organizations calling for reunification through alliance with the north and the implementation of the north-south joint declaration are typical of its human rights abuses.
The group is punishing those standing for national harmony and reunification and the implementation of the north-south joint declarations, treating them as criminals. It asserts that “it cannot live with the north in the bright world,” “the south should not consider the north as fellow countrymen with whom it can live together” and “the north should be regarded as the target of confrontation.”
In 2009 alone the group deleted off at least 14 000 articles praising the north from Internet, charging that they violated the provision “appraisal and encouragement” of the NSL and arrested those related to it.
It arrested Rev. Han Sang Ryol, who visited the DPRK last year marking the 10th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration, by dint of the NSL.
Recently the Lee group let the puppet Intelligence Service and the Security Investigation Group search houses and offices of more than 10 personages of workers, political and academic organizations on absurd charges that they “conducted espionage and built an underground party” at the “instruction of the north”.
Such suppression is aimed to calm down the people’s resentment caused by the group’s domestic and foreign policy failure, economic bankruptcy, people’s destitution and anti-reunification policy for confrontation. This is also aimed to divert elsewhere the people’s criticism of the group and prolong its remaining days.
The group even invokes NSL to suppress the people demanding basic rights including the right to existence and the right to learning.
According to data underreported by the puppet group, the number of the people arrested or put behind bars on charges of the violation of the NSL increased to 350 percent after the emergence of the present regime as against the preceding regime.
However, the group tries to enact the “North Korean Human Rights Act” while taking issue with the “human rights issue” in the DPRK. It is also kicking up an anti-DPRK human rights row not only in south Korea but in foreign countries.
The indictment urged the puppet group to face up to the trend of the times and immediately abolish the NSL and stop anti-DPRK human rights row.

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