Analysis of the Norway attacker

Anders Behring Breivik, who committed the massacre on Utøya Islands and is as well the suspect of the Oslo bombings earlier the same day(22nd of July), have been pointed out as a neo-nazi in the media. Before someone even were suspected of the bomb, the world media claimed that their would either be islamists or neo-nazis. When the attacker was identified after the massacre he was officially known as a right wing extremist with nazi-sympathies. Yes, he was hostile to islam and saw it as a threat to the western world but claimed himself politically to be a market liberal.
Besides that, he is a freemason. What may have caused the attack is also something to speculate in. The norwegian government have been considering lately to recognize Palestine as a state as well as open up a palestinian embassy in Norway. For a sympathizer of zionism, it must be seen as a hard blow to see that the all-day struggling, oppressed people of Palestine would get recognition as a state from his own country.
Zionism is not compatible with peace, freedom or anything that the masses of the world wants to achieve.
Since the most governments of the western world are allies of Israel and supports the terror against the palestinian people, the terror against them won’t cease. Even now when Palestine were about to something as obvious for any people, to get recognition, the zionists stroke against civilians as a punishment. It is not unusual that our governments make commitments for money and multinational companies rather then for their people. Therefor it is up to us, the people of the world to stop the humanitarian crisis caused by the Israeli terror.

For a free Palestine
Crush zionism
for every people’s right to self determination


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