Increased Israeli offensive

Most people are aware of the situation Gaza. In 2002, Israel started to build the over 447 miles long wall around Gaza, separating the fertile ground from the Palestine side to the Israeli side. The wall have already caused the death of thousands of civilians, and many children have died because of that Israel´s blocking transport way for food as well as vital medicines to the nearly 500 000 locked up Palestinians. The wall have been condemned by the UN as a crime against international law, still the wall exists, costing life of civilians everyday amongst the population of Gaza. What´s even more fearsome is that the Zionist terror will strike against all those who´s making powerful efforts to support the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom. Last Friday’s attack in Norway is a unique example of the Zionist terrorism, since it was well-aimed towards a government and the as well as the ruling party.

Read here about how Israel´s about to outlaw foreign support for Gaza, including humanitarian organizations rights to work in the Gaza strip.

What we do know and what we´ve learned from the history is that silence won´t solve anything, only make the acts of the oppressor even more easy. Struggle´s the only way forward.


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