On the riots

From the Juche Idea Study Group England

Working class youth and young people from ethnic minorities in London has rose up against imperialist and capitalist oppression , attacking the police ,shops and banks(admittedly some criminal elements have got involved in this and there are some innocent victims ) .Now the rioting has spread to all parts of London and also to Liverpool and Birmingham . This is reminiscent of the big inner-city riots of 1981 and 1985. The riots result from the anger and frustration of working-class youth .
In Britain social and class contradictions have been increased by the reactionary policies of the so called “Con-Dem” government which is driving down the living standards of the working people and greatly increasing poverty and inequality.
The rioting initially started in Tottenham on the 6th of August, a working class area in north London . Tottenham has an unemployed rate of 10.9. Also it has a high level of racial discrimination . The flash point of people’s grievances was the Met police shooting a young black man , Mark Duggan , a father of 4 children . Mark Duggan was shot whilst he was a ;passenger in a mini-cab. Police claimed they were fired upon but it turned out the bullets were from a police gun ! On the evening of the 6th of August local people protested against the police killing of Duggan . According to some reports the police beat a 16 year old girl which sparked off the violence, People attacked police cars , buses and shops .Police in full riot gear and some on horses attacked the crowd .
On Sunday 7th of August riots broke out in Enfield, Walthamstow , Waltham Forest, Brixton , Oxford and the luxury capitalist shopping centre Westfield was attacked by youths, On the 8th August police provoked a riot in Hackney by conducting a stop and search operation. By late evening rioting had spread to Peckham , Lewisham , Woolwich, Clapham and outside of London in Liverpool and Birmingham . A number of buildings were burnt down , police cars and buses attacked.
The government is to convene the COBRA committe for dealing with national emergencies. Tory prime minister Cameron was on holiday but has returned. It is unclear what the government will do but extreme reactionary elements and fascists have called for the army to be brought onto the streets to ‘restore order’ . So there is the possibility that the Con-Dem government will throw away bourgeois democracy and resort to fascism , rule by direct and open force . So there is the ugly possibility of the army being deployed on the streets. For many years the 6 counties of northern Ireland were occupied by the British Army who repressed the people, on one occasion shooting down and 13 civil rights protesters in Derry City in 1972 .
Some comments need to be made . Firstly , the imperialist UK government called for rioting in Syria and Libya . The UK along with its imperialist US master also hopes for riots in those countries with alternative political systems such as the DPRK , Cuba and Belarus. However rather than provoking riots in other countries the riots have come to the UK !.
30 years the wedding of Charles and Diana were held at great expense at a time of high unemployment and recession ,later that year riots broke out in the inner cities. Now the British ruling class have repeated the scenario with the same results. A sumptuous and extravagant royal wedding was held for Prince William and Kate and now the ruling class are reaping the results of their folly and decadence.
Britain is very decadent and individualist society. Consumerism has been promoted shamelessly and without limit . The problem with this is that there are those who cannot afford to consume because of unemployment and low wages. They vent their anger and frustration by attacking and looting shops , taking the consumer goods they cannot afford to buy.
The situation in the UK and other so called “advanced” capitalist countries is in contrast to the Juche socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The DPRK is one of the most stable countries on earth, in fact probably the most stable country in the world . Young people there do not riot but instead act as the shock brigade in socialist construction and take part with vigour in the defence of the country . The DPRK is based on the socialist ownershup of the means of production so there is no social inequality . In the DPRK there is
no unemployment , there are no spending cuts and taxation was abolished in 1974 .
The DPRK is based on the Juche idea , the philosophical principle of which is that man is the master . Thus because of the socialist ownership of the means of production which is both underpinned and enhanced by the Juche idea , people in the DPRK have a high sense of ‘taking ownership’ of ‘stakeholding’ which does not exist in any capitalist country. Under the banner of the Juche idea and the leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il , the DPRK is a harmonious and integral whole . If you visit the Korean Revolution Museum you will see the picture of the great leader President Kim Il Sung with the people around him symbolising the unity, amity and harmony of the DPRK which is impossible in a sick ,decadent capitalist society like the UK.


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