ASSPUK and JISGE slam US imperialist UFG exercises

London 10th August.

Today the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK issued a joint statement denouncing the US imperialist Ulji Freedom Guardian war exercises , which are aimed at invading and taking over the DPRK to make it a colony of US Imperialism.

It is as a clear as day that these exercises are a clear cut provocation and a rehearsal to invade the DPRK and destroy its people centred socialist system by force of arms. The exercises are a clumsy attempt a to stifle its socialist system.It is an enlarged replica of the ‘gunboat diplomacy’ of the imperialists of yesterday.

Not only are these exercises large in scale (involving 30,000 troops) but they are actually a trial run for the occupation of the north of Korea . They aim at restoring capitalism there by force . ‘Ulji Freedom Guardian” has nothing to do with freedom but with extending the corrupt fascist rule of the south Korean puppets to the northern half of Korea and with establishing US imperialist colonial rule over the whole of the Korean peninsula and achieving the US domination of Asia and the Pacific.

We support the open letter to the US and south Korean authorities issued by the Panmunjom mission of the Korean People’s Army on the 8th of August calling for the cancellation of the exercises.
Such war exercises call into the question the sincerity of the US in its dialogue and negotiations . The US imperialists are talking peace at the negotiation table in New York but actually preparing for war on the ground in Korea. If the US has the will for peace it should cancel the exercises completely, unconditionally and immediately.

We, the ASSPUK and JISGE,demand the US imperialists and south Korean puppets cancel these adventurous war exercises at once !Furthermore the US imperialists must get out of south Korea where they do not belong.We stand four square behind the DPRK and call on all Juche idea and Songun idea followers to rally around the independent socialist Juche Peoples Korea as never before. Defeat the US imperialist moves against the DPRK !





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