rouge states?

If you´re not well versed in Korea and the only source you get news from is the global media, who´s without source criticism take their information from South Korean sources, which is nothing but war propaganda.
Question yourself when you only hear bad and horrible things about a place, is that worth to believe in?
When did you really hear anything good in the mainstream media from any of the enemies of the US? Haven´t you heard several times how evil former US President George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” is: Saddam Hussein’sIraq, Iran and DPR Korea. The former United States UN ambassador John R.Bolton called Cuba, Lybia and Syria the “Beyond the Axis of Evil” while the political hawk Condoleezza Rice decided to call Belarus, Zimbabwe and Myanmar(Burma) the “Outposts of Tyranny”. The scary thing is that when the US leaders are serious about this statements, people have a tendency to believe in them.
With the might imperialist propaganda machine, they can start war against any country with the people’s sympathies and believes in that a bad government must be replaced by violence.

The ongoing civil Libya is another matter. The so called rebels are backed up by NATO bombings and they are supplied with weapons, still their struggle is pictured in Western media as a hard one. If NATO supplied the IRA with guns and bombed military targets, there wouldn ´t have been much of a struggle against the British occupation of the North. Compared to Libya, the struggle in Northern Ireland have support by the masses, while the Libyan rebels don´t. If you see the records of rallies that the rebels held and those held by the Libyan government, you see the difference in attendance.

What we are seeing in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Latin America, South Korea, Northern Ireland amongst others is nothing but imperialist politics. The situation is the similar as the one that were in the Balkans in the 1990´s: NATO backed up rebels backed by NATO bombings. A government that didn´t follow the lines of the imperialist world order. This is not the last of that kind of aggressions we will see. DPR Korea, Cuba and Iran are three of the countries that the imperialists will try to destroy in the future. as long as there is imperialism there will be war.

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