Venezuelan opposition supports weekly magazine accused for violating women’s rights

Caracas, 22 Ago. AVN .- The so-called Democratic Unity Table (MUD in Spanish), a political organization that groups the opposition in the country, expressed its support to the last publication of the weekly magazine 6to Poder in which uses terms like “bargirls” to refer to the six women presiding over offices in State”s Public Powers.

Human Rights coordinator, Delsa Solorzano, said that “on behalf of the democratic coalition,” she supported the weekly magazine because they consider that open an investigation to the people in said media represents “a new attack against the freedom of expression.” Nevertheless, 6to Poder has been accused for violating Venezuelan women”s Human Rights; symbolic violence against gender and family; and direct offense against legitimate State powers and institutions.

Solorzano defended the weekly magazine and its directors, alleging that vilification is not a crime.

She added that vilification should be suppressed from Venezuelan laws because “the Government continues giving its back to the Inter-American Human Rights System,” the opposition newspaper La Voz quoted her.

On Sunday, hundreds of women demanded an investigation to the Public Ministry and the shut down of the weekly magazine 6to Poder.

The request was handed over to the General Attorney of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Diaz, by women”s representatives.

The publication makes reference, using a disrespectful speech, to the public functions of Blanca Eekhout (second vice-president of the National Assembly); Luisa Estella Morales (president of the Supreme Court of Justice); Gabriela Ramirez (Ombudswoman); Adelina Gonzalez (Deputy Comptroller General); Luisa Ortgega Diaz (General Attorney); and Tibisay Lucena (president of the National Electoral Council).


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