[Main Points]

What is the Songun-based revolutionary leadership?

“Our Party’s Songun-based revolutionary leadership, Songun-based politics, is a revolutionary mode of leadership and socialist mode of politics that gives top priority to military affairs, and defends the country, the revolution and socialism and dynamically pushes ahead with overall socialist construction by dint of the revolutionary mettle and combat capabilities of the People’s Army.”

The essential characteristic of Songun politics

“The essential characteristic of Songun politics is that it safeguards the security of the country and defends the revolutionary gains by developing the People’s Army into invincible revolutionary armed forces, and that it builds up the driving force of the revolution and deals with all affairs of socialist construction in a revolutionary and militant way with the People’s Army as the hard core and main force.”

The basis and starting point of the Party’s Songun politics

“The idea and line of giving importance to force of arms and military affairs, advanced and consistently maintained by President Kim Il Sung, constitute the basis and starting point of our Party’s Songun politics.”

What kind of line the Songun revolutionary line is?

“The Songun revolutionary line, Songun politics, is a scientific revolutionary line and mode of statesmanship that most accurately reflect the demands of the times and the revolution.

Our Party started pursuing Songun politics on the basis of its scientific analysis of the international circumstances of our revolution and of the rapidly changing situation.

Entering the 1990s, socialism collapsed in the former Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries, giving rise to a great change in the world political structure and balance of forces. Although the imperialists’ mouthpieces and opportunists claimed that a new era of “detente and peace” had arrived following the “end of the Cold War,” the world can never exist in peace so long as imperialism remains rampant. By taking advantage of the collapse of the global socialist system, the reactionary imperialist forces intensified their offensive against the anti-imperialist independent forces; in particular, the US imperialists, who had emerged as the only superpower in the world, were more tenacious than ever in the pursuit of their policy of aggression and war, in an attempt to realize their ambition of world supremacy, wielding the power of authority and arbitrariness in the international arena and violently encroaching upon the sovereignty of other countries.

Due to their anti-DPRK isolate-and-stifle schemes, the Korean revolution came to face the severest trials and hardships of its history; we had to bear the full brunt of the offensive of the imperialist aggressive forces, in direct confrontation with the US imperialists.”

Problem of the main force of the revolution and the originality of Songun politics

“The Songun politics of our Party is a unique socialist mode of politics that gives a new scientific clarification and solution to the issue of the main force of the revolution.

On the basis of its deep analysis of the development of the times and the changed social and class relations, our Party put forward, for the first time in the history of the revolutionary movement, the idea of “precedence of the army over the working class,” giving prominence to the People’s Army as the core unit and main force of the revolution.

The originality of Songun politics and its invincibility lie in the fact that it gives prominence to the People’s Army as the core unit and main force.

The preceding revolutionary theories of Marxism viewed the working class as the main force of the revolution. Having analysed the social and class relations in the Western capitalist countries in the mid-19th century, Marx identified the working class as the most advanced and revolutionary class entrusted with the mission of liquidating the domination of capital and all sorts of exploitation, and building socialism and communism, and defined it as the leading class and, the main force of the revolution.

This was the reflection of the reality of capitalist society in those times.

Later, socialist revolutions emerged victorious in several countries of the world, and socialist construction got under way, with the working class as the main force. As a result, it had been recognized as an unbreakable revolutionary formula in carrying out the cause of socialism to conduct the revolutionary struggle and construction work with the working class as the core and the main force.

However, Marx’s theories and formulas, which had been set forth one and a half centuries before, cannot accord with the present reality. The times have advanced further, witnessing a great change in social atmosphere, class relations and the status of the working class. With the development of capitalism, especially with the rapid development of science, and technology and the arrival of the IT age, the living basis of the working class has been changed and work is being done on a more technological and intellectual basis. The ranks of the working class have been intellectualized and the working masses engaged in technical, intellectual and mental labour are quickly outnumbering manual workers. Moreover, the development of capitalism consolidates the domination of monopoly capital and adds to the prevalence of reactionary bourgeois ideology and culture, which greatly acts to control the class consciousness, awakening and revolutionary assimilation of the working class. The working class of the present times cannot be identified with the working class in the period of industrial capitalism or proletarian revolution, in the fight of either the situation of the times or the actual reality of the labour, social status and labour movement of the working class. The changed situation and the reality require a new ideology and theory, strategy and tactics with which to awaken and rally the broad sections of the masses who oppose the domination of monopoly capital and the aggression and war policy of imperialism, train hard-core elements among them and expand and strengthen the revolutionary forces.

The limitations of Marxist revolutionary theories were also manifested in a socialist society where the working masses, including the working class, have become the masters of the State and society. The preceding theories based on the materialistic conception of history considered that the revolution is completed once the working class seizes power and establishes socialist relations of production.

For this reason, they failed to make a correct clarification of the law-governed course of socialist construction subsequent to victory in revolution; in particular, they failed to raise the issue of remoulding man, the ideological revolution, in a socialist society.

For the first time in history, President Kim Il Sung advanced the outstanding idea that the course of building socialism and communism is, in view of the class relations, the process of modelling the whole society on the working-class pattern and gave scientific explanations of the role of the working class, the development of class relations and the law governing the remoulding of man in a socialist society.

Thanks to his original theory on building socialism and under his wise leadership, the working class and other working masses have been transformed into socialist workers in our country and they all work and live basing themselves on the collectivist principle under the socialist system. Our Party has firmly equipped the masses of the people with the Juche idea and upgraded the process of transforming the whole of society on the revolutionary and working-class patterns by giving definite precedence to the remoulding of man, the ideological work, in the socialist cause. Thus it has brought about a radical change in the socio-economic lives and politico-ideological traits of our people.

The Korean people are revolutionary and boundlessly faithful to the Party and the revolution since they have been educated and trained in a revolutionary way in the embrace of the socialist motherland under the guidance of the Party and the leader.

These days the masses of the people, who are solidly united behind the Party and the leader with one mind and will, constitute a powerful driving force of socialist construction in our society.

Needless to say, class differences still remain between the working class and the cooperative farmers, and the revolutionary and working-class assimilation of intellectuals cannot be said to have been completed. The working class is as advanced a unit of our society as ever, and has a higher sense of class consciousness, collectivism and revolution than other working masses. Furthermore, it is still in charge of industry, the leading sector of the national economy; especially the workers in the key industries and munitions industry play a very important role in the revolution and construction. That is why our Party treasures the working class and always pays deep concern to further revolutionizing it and enhancing its role.

Applying Songun politics, our Party has given prominence to the People’s Army over the working class, prompted by a new viewpoint and attitude towards the issue of the main force of the revolution and the role of a revolutionary army in the revolution and construction.

The question of the main force of the revolution is one of the fundamental problems in strengthening the motive force of the revolution and in developing the revolutionary movement by enhancing its role. Which class, stratum or social collective becomes the main force of the revolution is decided by its position and role in the revolution and construction, its sense of revolution, organizational discipline, and combat capabilities.

The question of the main force of the revolution cannot remain invariable in any era, society or revolution, nor is it a question that can be solved only on the basis of class relations. Hence, regarding the working class as the main force of the revolution anytime and anywhere is an expression of a dogmatic viewpoint toward the preceding theories and is not correct in principle either.

Unfettered by any established theories or formulas, our Party strictly rejected any expression of dogmatic attitude to and revisionist distortion of the preceding theories, and strengthened the army and upgraded its role as required by the development of the situation and the revolution, thus leading the revolution and construction to victory.

For our Party to give prominence to the People’s Army as the main force of the revolution is essential to the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche, in view of the position and role of the People’s Army in our revolution at present and in the light of its revolutionary mettle and combat efficiency.

The People’s Army is the revolutionary ranks that defend the first lifeline of our revolution. It defends the Party and the revolution, the country and the people by force of arms and at the cost of life in direct confrontation with the strong imperialist enemy. On the bayonets of the People’s Army hinge peace, socialism and worthwhile and happy life of our people.

This is the noble mission and the heaviest yet most honourable revolutionary task of the People’s Army, for which neither the working class nor any other social group can substitute.

The People’s Army is the most revolutionary, militant and powerful revolutionary group in our society. No group is equal to the People’s Army in terms of the sense of revolution and organization and combat efficiency.

Our People’s Army is unfailingly loyal to the Party and the revolution and very strong in ideology and faith, and it is the most organized combat unit. It defends the Party and the leader and carries out the Party’s policies at all costs, and fights to the death for the cause of the Party, the cause of socialism. The men and officers of the People’s Army, who defend the country and the revolution by force of arms in the van, love their country more dearly than anyone else, are eager to defend socialism and fight uncompromisingly against imperialism and the class enemy with intense hatred. The People’s Army is a revolutionary unit that brims over with revolutionary faith, iron will and militant spirit. It is stronger than any other collective in the sense of collectivism, organization, discipline and unity.

The entire army is single-heartedly united behind its Supreme Commander, and moves as one under his command and directive; it arranges all of its soldiers’ routine life and activities as required by military rules and discipline.

The collectivist principle and organization and discipline have become the lifeblood and requirements of the routine life of the People’s Army.

The high sense of revolution and organization of the People’s Army is reflective of the characteristics of the armed unit and the mettle unique to the revolutionary army, and constitutes a basic factor of upgrading the combat efficiency of our army and improving its politico-ideological might.

It is not that any army that takes part in the revolution or any socialist army acquires the traits and qualities befitting a revolutionary army and, moreover, can become the main force of the revolution. The working class or the army can become a revolutionary class or revolutionary armed forces and play an important role in the revolution only when it is awakened and organized under the leadership of a revolutionary party. Apart from the correct leadership of the party and the leader, it is impossible to train any hardcore unit of the revolution or to awaken and rally the broad sections of the masses around the revolutionary ranks.

Our People’s Army has grown up into genuine revolutionary armed forces, an invincible army to perform its honourable mission and duty with credit as the hardcore unit and main force of the revolution, thanks to the leadership of President Kim Il Sung and the great Workers’ Party.

President Kim Il Sung built our People’s Army into a prototype of a revolutionary army and laid eternal foundations for its development by thoroughly applying the principles and ways he had put forward for the building of Juche-type revolutionary armed forces. He built the People’s Army into an army of the Party and the leader, a genuine army of the people, and developed it as an armed unit of ideology and faith, possessed of all the politico-ideological traits required of a revolutionary army. Under his wise leadership an independent and modern munitions industry was created and so developed as to serve as the material and technical foundations for the modernization of the entire army. The imperishable exploit he performed for the building of the armed forces is the most valuable of his revolutionary achievements and it is now proving its worth as the solid foundation and priceless asset for our Party to further strengthen the People’s Army and pursue Songun politics.”

The Songun politics and the Juche idea

“The Songun politics of our Party is the most powerful and dignified politics of independence which embodies the Juche idea.

Independence is the life and soul of a social being, the masses of the people, a country and a nation. The man-centred Juche idea is an idea of independence, and all revolutionary struggles are ones for independence. The Juche idea correctly combines love for the masses of the people with that for the country and the nation, and the independence of the masses of the people with that of the country and the nation, and scientifically elucidates the ways for its realization.

The politics that defends and realizes the independence of the masses of the people, the country and the nation on the basis of the fundamentals and principles of the Juche idea is the most revolutionary and scientific politics, and it also constitutes genuine politics of love for the country, the nation and the people.”

The validity, superiority and great vitality of Songun politics

“Our Party’s Songun idea, Songun politics, has proved its validity, superiority and great vitality, and is demonstrating them all the more with each passing day in the practice and reality of our revolution.

First of all, the military position of our revolution has been fortified impregnably under the Party’s Songun-based leadership.

The military might of the country constitutes the foremost rational power in the struggle for independence and socialism and against imperialism. If one defeats the enemy on the military front one will emerge victorious on all other fronts.

Our People’s Army has grown up to be invincible revolutionary armed forces, and our socialist motherland has emerged as a military power in the international arena. We have won one victory after another in the fierce political and military showdown with the imperialists, and defended the country, the revolution and socialism from all manner of aggressive machinations of the enemy.

Our revolutionary ranks have been united more solidly than ever and the single-hearted unity of our whole society has been further strengthened in the Songun era.

Today the People’s Army and the people have forged a genuine comradely relationship whereby they share weal and woe on the road of Songun-based revolution under the leadership of the Party, and the whole society is brimming over with the beautiful trait of unity between the army and the people.

The great viability of Songun politics has been confirmed in the process of socialist construction.

As the main force of the revolution, the People’s Army stands in the van in all spheres of socialist construction and has been performing labour feats, setting a shining example. The officers and men of the People’s Army have erected numerous monumental edifices and modern factories through their heroic struggle in full support of the Party’s idea and policies, and made breakthroughs in the difficult yet important sectors of the national economy. They were the first to overcome manifold hardships and trials and created miracles and brought about innovations in all spheres, thus inspiring the working masses throughout the country to a revolutionary upsurge.

Our Party’s Songun politics has registered a turning-point in the cause of national reunification, furthered the international solidarity with our revolution and radically expanded the external relations of the country.

Songun politics, which is imbued with the principle of national independence and the spirit of love for the country and the people, our policies for national reunification based on it and our positive efforts gave rise to the historic Pyongyang summit, followed by the adoption of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, and the further development of inter-Korean relations of reconciliation and cooperation in several sectors. The trend of struggle against the US and other foreign forces and for independent national reunification is mounting to a crescendo on an unprecedented scale in south Korea .

Songun politics, which opposes imperialist aggression and war policies and defends the independence of the country and the nation, is winning broad support among public circles and the progressive peoples of the world. It gives a blow to the aggressive forces of imperialism and encouragement to the anti-imperialist independent forces in the international arena, stimulating the cause of making the whole world independent.”

Korean people’s task in the course of the implementation of Songun politics

“The whole Party, the entire army and all the people must advance more resolutely towards a new great victory of our revolution in support of the Party’s Songun-based leadership.

First of all, great efforts should be directed continually at strengthening the People’s Army. The might of Songun politics is precisely the might of the People’s Army; its superiority and might can be given full play only when the People’s Army is soundly prepared politically and ideologically, militarily and technically.

The politico-ideological and military positions of our .revolution must be fortified rock-solid by firming up single-hearted unity of the army and the people. There is nothing to fear or impossible to do when the army and the people fight with single-hearted unity under the Party’s leadership. The tradition of army-people unity-both treasuring and loving each other and sharing weal and woe-should be given farther play in the Songun era.

It is important to establish a sound habit of attaching importance to military affairs throughout society.

The work of consolidating the defence capabilities of the country is an undertaking shared by the entire Party, the whole country and all the people.

Our officials and working masses must organize and conduct all work on the principle of giving precedence to military affairs, and make energetic efforts to build up the military might of the country, in addition, the paramilitary forces must be strengthened and the whole country turned into a solid fortress.

It is imperative to expedite overall economic construction while giving precedence to the defence industry, as required by the Songun era, so as to support the Party’s Songun politics both materially and technologically, and radically improve the people’s living standards in a short period of time

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