People-centred Socialist Korea

September 9 this year marks the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
On September 9, 1948 President Kim Il Sung founded the DPRK, the first people’s country in the 5 000 year long history of the Korean nation.
“The people are my God” was the lifelong motto of the President. With this slogan he was always among the people, sharing weal and woe with the people and devoting his all to the people.
He regarded himself as a subject of the people and the people as his king. It was his noble outlook on the people.
That’s why he put the people on the top place and provided the best things to them.
One day in March 1970 President Kim Il Sung was looking round Sariwon City, showing the ways how to solve the different problems arising in building the city magnificently as a satellite of Pyongyang City.
He stopped in front of the Provincial People’s Committee building and asked what the building under construction on the opposite side was for.
Learning that it was a three-storied public building, he asked again why they were going to make it so small.
Actually, there had been an opinion to build a high-rise building there. But the opinion was opposed by another opinion that a high-rise building there would overshadow the four-storied building of the Provincial People’s Committee, a power organ.
At this the President laughed aloud and told them to build a high-rise apartment house there.
He went on to say that the Provincial People’s Committee building might be overshadowed, but it doesn’t matter if a power organ is overshadowed by dwelling houses of the people.
Looking around all parts of the city, he reached Lake Kyongam, the best scenic spot in the city.
The area of three lakes, big and small, at the foot of Kyongam Hill had already been built up as a park for working people to pass their time pleasantly.
The officials of the city were then planning to build a deluxe hotel there for future national events and foreign tourists.
President Kim Il Sung, however, disapproved the plan, saying if such a building is placed there, the working people would not use the park freely.
The moment officials were reminded of what had happened some years before.
In the way of going towards Pongsan, the President happened to pass Sariwon City. Suddenly he had his car stopped by the canal in the middle of the city.
Pointing at a high building at the foot of Kyongam Hill, he asked what it was.
Answered it was a provincial institution building, he got very angry and said: An institution building should not be placed on the scenic hill. In the past bureaucrats liked to lord it over the people in the office building built on such a hill, but we should not do so. We would rather make facilities for the people on the scenic high hill.
The officials now deeply regretted having caused worry to him again.
After a while, the President, looking at the officials, said: You should always give priority to the interests of the people. You should not do anything the people dislike. This must be the constant principle in city construction.
He also taught that Sariwon should form a city around the scenic Kyongam Hill, making pleasure grounds for the people in the scenic spots around Lake Kyongam and building public facilities on all other good places for the people.
The officials drew up a new urban construction plan and started the project again.
In June that year the President visited Sariwon City again.
He reached the construction site of a ten-storied apartment house just opposite to the Provincial People’s Committee building and pointed out with satisfaction that the high-rise building makes the city proportioned well.
That day he looked around the construction sites of the Hall of Culture and many other facilities for a long time and spoke highly of the officials for their efforts to place the public facilities for the people on good sites.
The President earnestly taught that in all undertakings, construction or production, they should first think of whether the people like or not and do what the people like, but not do what the people dislike.
It was one of the criteria he had taken for the starting point of all his thinking and activity.
The criterion produced the unique ideas and theories on nation building centered on the masses of people and made Korea a people-centered socialist country in which the people are the masters of everything and all things serve the people.
That’s why the Korean people still respect him as father of socialist Korea and eternal President of the Republic.
Such a history of nation-building guided by the conception of believing in the people as God is being invariably carried forward by leader Kim Jong Il today.
Leader Kim Jong Il gives priority to the interests of the people in all undertakings and leads all things to serve the people. The Korean people now find the image of President Kim Il Sung in leader Kim Jong Il who devotes his all for the welfare of the people.
Thanks to leader Kim Jong Il the DPRK will further develop as a thriving socialism in which the ideal of the people comes into reality

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