KCNA Commentary on By-election to Local Self-governing Bodies in S. Korea

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) — The Grand National Party of south Korea suffered bitter defeat in the by-election to local self-governing bodies on Wednesday.
A candidate from the camp for democratic reform won the Seoul mayoralty called “junior presidency” in the by-election to fill up 30 odd vacancies.
He gained 53.4 percent of the vote to defeat his rival from the GNP who garnered 46.2 percent.
The GNP clan employed every possible form of tactics to win in the Seoul mayoral race, seen as a key test of voter sentiment ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections next year, but in vain.
It was defeated in the election to local autonomous bodies last year and the by-election in April this year.
The GNP’s succession of defeats eloquently shows that the fate of political philistines of south Korea who betrayed the people can never change.
The election results are the severe judgment delivered by the people on the south Korean ruling quarters which pursued traitorous and unpopular policy against reunification through flunkeyism, treachery, confrontation with fellow countrymen, unpopular rule, irregularities and corruption, thereby violating independence and democracy, driving the people to destitution and bedeviling the north-south relations.
As history proved, the traitorous regime, which relies on outsiders while betraying its own nation and people, can not last long nor evade the fate of evening twilight.
The south Korean conservative forces are despicable pro-U.S. sycophants and traitors who remain in power by selling the interests of the nation to outsiders.
No sooner had the group come to power than it offered political, economic and military all other fields to the U.S. It even did not hesitate to perpetrate the crime of forging military tie-up with the sworn enemy Japan.
The group is made up unpardonable anti-reunification elements as it marred the north-south relations, while blocking national reconciliation and unity.
The north-south relations that had favorably developed after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration suddenly came to a stalemate since the GNP came to power.
Out of its sinister intention to do harm to the north militarily, the group regularly staged joint military exercises with outsiders and orchestrated serious provocations, driving the situation to the brink of war. As a result, the north and the south of Korea faced extreme mistrust and military confrontation.
The three years of the conservative group in power were rife with crimes it committed by enforcing the policy in favor of the rich and plutocrats and exploiting people to meet their own greedy interests.
The GNP has pursued unpopular economic policy representing the interests of only a handful of the privileged despite its lip-service for “pro-common people policy”. This has worsened the social evil of “the rich getting ever richer and the poor ever poorer” and deteriorated the people’s livelihood.
The unemployed flood the streets and toiling masses are suffering from sky-rocketing prices of goods, taxes and registration fees. A lot of hopeless people commit suicides and the south Korean society is going rotten with all sorts of crimes, illegality and corruption pervading it. This is the reality brought about by the GNP which committed to “policy bringing hope to people”.
Now south Koreans deplore the difficult living conditions, saying “everyday is like living in the hell,” “everything has become worse,” “it has become more difficult to live,” “the hands of clock of democratization has gone back to that in the 1980s”. This reflects their mindset.
South Korean media describe the defeat of the conservative group and victory of the democratic forces as super political storm.
The table has tilted in disfavor of the traitorous regime.

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