No sign of peace in the Middle East

Not surprisingly, the Zionist regime of Israel longs for war with Iran in these days. The imperialist wars in the Arab World, with Libya as its latest victim, will continue until all anti-imperialist countries are smashed. Unless Iran as well as Syria will turn into lapdogs of imperialism and give away their natural resources, there will be more wars in the Arab world, only a matter of time. Libya made the mistake to try to make peace with the imperialists, but history have shown that that option´s impossible. Peace is nothing that will be brought for free, but has to be fought for and defended to keep. Like in Korea, where the US-imperialist’s do everything they can to make the DPRK to step down from their capacity of nuclear weapons, constantly using the whip and the carrot, just to make it possible for them to launch an attack against the country, so must Iran follow to keep their independence and stop another war in the Middle East.

Both Libya and Iraq was accused of carrying weapons of mass destruction, but none of them had them. Didn´t the US/NATO intelligence have knowledge in that? And would the US/NATO be so bold to risk a nuclear bomb to be dropped in their own territory, as themselves always claims these countries would do if they had nuclear bombs? As the world looks like today, a nuclear bomb is the only guarantee for a country and its people who wants to go its own way and shape its own destiny – sadly enough.

For all of us anti-imperialists it´s of very importance to defend the sovereignty of Iran and give it our critical support. Whenever imperialism is waging their wars of aggression, we have to stand up against the oppression, as we always have. The world have seen imperialism from Nazi-Germany when expanding their territory in Europe, to the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia and the NATO bombings of former Yugoslavia and all wars they have from then until today. Something should have been done before, but it´s better late then never – all anti-imperialists have to fight against this aggressive enemy, before it´s to late.

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