Ever growing strugglel against FTA


On November 3 some 5,000 people from different social standings including workers, farmers, youth and students held in Seoul a rally for checking the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement with the US.

The participants noted that the damages due to the FTA conclusion cannot be estimated and asserted that they should check by all means the FTA conclusion which sells off the people’s right to existence to foreign forces, lock, stock and barrel.

After the rally the participants launched a demo.

The demonstrators marched toward the “National Assembly” building chanting such slogans as “Let us smash the GNP hell-bent on ratifying the FTA in the NA!” and “We oppose the FTA!”.

They undauntedly fought in face of the fascist policemen who ran amuck in suppressing them firing water cannons.

Candlelit rallies against the FTA conclusion take place almost everyday throughout south Korea.

On November 4 candlelit rallies to denounce the GPN’s moves to forcefully railroad the motion calling for FTA ratification were held in Seoul and Busan with the members of civic organizations, popular masses including workers, farmers, youth and students, housewives and opposition personages attended.

On November 5 and 6 candlelit rallies were held in Seoul under the sponsorship of the “All-people Movement Headquarters to Check the Conclusion of South Korea-US FTA”.

The FTA conclusion will make south Korea a complete colony of the US, the participants condemned and called for waging the struggle to the last by the concerted efforts of all people in order to foil the ratification of the ruinous FTA.

Let Us Defend Right to Existence with Struggle

On November 13, there took place the 2011 national workers’ rally for checking the south Korea-US FTA and inheriting martyr Jon Tae-il at the plaza before the Seoul City Office.

Participated there were some 20,000 workers affiliated to the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and figures from opposition parties, the National Federation of Peasants Associations, the National Teachers’ Union, the National Problems Institute and other civic organizations.

Now in the society the conglomerates get the biggest benefits in history whereas the workers are going more miserable and the people’s living is further deteriorated due to the authorities’ moves to conclude the FTA with the US amidst the people’s right to existence getting totally trampled down, the participants denounced.

The representative of the Democratic Labor Party and the chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said that now is the high time to frustrate the FTA conclusion which enforces the people’s sacrifice and to wage the dynamic struggle to overthrow the government and the Grand National Party. They asserted that the workers will launch the struggle to dissolve the GNP and dethrone the government in solidarity with all like-minded forces if the moves to conclude the humiliating FTA persist.

Meanwhile, an all-people candlelit rally against the FTA was held at the same plaza that day under the sponsorship of the All-People’s Movement Headquarters to Check South Korea-US FTA with tens of thousands people of all walks of life including the workers from across south Korea and opposition assemblymen.

As long as the current government which stakes its fate on the pro-US sycophancy is in power, the people’s right to existence can never be secured.

Only with the undaunted struggle they can realize the democratic rights and true living.

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