ASSPUK,JISGE and UK KFA slam media lies and slanders about the DPRK

There can no doubt that the unexpected passing away of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il at an early age is a great tragedy for the Korean people as well as friends of the DPRK and Juche idea followers. Notwithstanding this there has been a barrage of sick propaganda from various outlets of the imperialist media. Vile stories slandering the life of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il have been published and heaps of lies have been showered on the socialist system of the DPRK . Cynical racist insults against Korean people mourning the passing of the great leader have been made by the press, Internet and tv in the imperialist countries. One wonders how some people would feel if the Queen died and some people in another country laughed about it!The reaction from Britain would be severe ! . As usual the comic of the lumpen mental retard Tories the “Sun” managed to be the worst.
We in UK KFA together with the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England denounce this sick and vile media coverage and call for the media of the UK to show some proper respect for the departed according to basic moral obligations. As one KFA member said why should we have to pay for a TV licence for the BBC to churn out right wing propaganda ?
Als the British imperialist BBC was carrying reports about the the DPRK ‘s “rich mineral resources ” saying there were ” high hurdles ” in the way of getting at them. This shows what the intentions of the imperialists are.
There is a danger from the imperialists trying to taken advantage of the situation to try and induce the DPRK into disastrous ” reform ” and “opening “. The Korean people do not want “opening up” and ” reform” and the DPRK does not need as it has a self-reliant advanced socialist system, centred upon the popular masses , with an independent national economy. As the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il taught us ” reform” and “openess is a move to destroy and put down Juche socialism. It is our duty to defend the DPRK against all attempts to undermine its socialist system and interfere in its internal affairs.
The south Korean puppets , going against elementary morals and
ethics, have attempted to use the passing away of the leader as a means of psychological warfare against the DPRK by sending dirty propaganda balloons into the DPRK. They even put their armed forces on alert . The UK KFA , ASSPUK and JISGE denounce strongly these despicable and low moves by the south Korean puppets .
Let’s rally round and defend the DPRK more strongly against the moves of the US imperialists , international reactionary forces and the south Korean puppets.

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