Long live the independent political line of Juche and Songun

After the loss of comrade Kim Jong Il, the imperialists of the world has been hoping for DPRK to put down it’s guard, hoping DPRK to disarm it’s nuclear missile, which is the only thing that is preventing the US-imperialists, that is occupying south Korea, to invade the north in an attempt to cease control of the whole country. The imperialist’s hoping has been in vain. All over the world there have also been speculated if DPRK would open up it’s economy for foreign capitalism.
When the imperialist media have been talking about that DPRK should open up it’s economy for foreign capitalism it is also mentioning in the same sentence the words “human rights” and even “democracy”. Whenever have capitalism brought human rights and democracy?

DPRK won’t back down to imperialist threats and will keep following the path of self-reliance – Juche and Songun.

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