The current witch hunt on opposition in South Korea

Over the last few weeks there have been some media attention in regards of the arrest of some members of the parliament in South Korea, representing the Unified Progressive Party, accused on plotting against the puppet government by overthrowing it and raise a “North Korean-style regime”.

The conservative government in the South who have been in power for the last five decades are constantly in the hot air due to different corruption affairs, and at the moment that seems to be the reason to why the National Intelligence Service(NIS) of South Korea have aimed to bring down the Unified Progressive Party, and arrested their member of parliament Lee Seok-ki to throw the lights on an armed uprising to bring down the government, something that haven’t so far been proved by evidence. Lee Seok-ki who is now under arrest on the absurd allegations of that together with nine other party members conspire to topple the government as part of an underground group named the “Revolutionary Organization”. They are suspected of plotting a detailed plan to destroy infrastructure in the South, including communication networks, and to organize an anti-government group.

Even though South Korea is considered as an advanced and democratic society, one have to think about the several victims who have been imprisoned for breaking the infamous so called law, the National Security Act. One could have a book at home that is not of the liking of the South Korean government, or you could just simply be accused of sympathizing with DPRK or being a communist.  In 2002, Lee Seok-ki was arrested for breaking the National Security Act and were sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison for working with an underground political party.

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