A brief report on the seminar on the Juche idea, held in Pyongyang in April this year.

In April 2014, on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, Pyongyang hosted international seminar on the Juche idea , organized by the Korean Association of Social Sciences (KASS) . The seminar was attended by delegations from all continents: from Russia, Belarus , Italy, Ireland , Mongolia, Nepal , Pakistan, Nigeria , Congo, Japan, South Africa , Finland, Bangladesh and other countries .

Giving lectures during this seminar were the leading Korean specialists in the field of social sciences. Lectures of the seminar focused on various topical issues , such as a detailed analysis of the Songun politics and the Juche idea and their implications for the independence of all nations of the world , the struggle of the Korean people to defend the achievements of socialism since the 1990 ‘s to the present time , the latest achievements of the Korean people in construction of a prosperous civilized socialist state under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. Lectures were conducted with extensive use of video presentations in different languages (English, Russian , French, Japanese, etc. ) and other advanced IT tools . There were several question and answer sessions in which participants had the opportunity to ask the lecturers any questions concerning not only the theoretical field, but also the practical realities of modern life in the DPRK. These sessions were very lively, with great activity and interest of the participants. Participants themselves also presented a series of reports on the current situation in their own countries , the applicability of the Juche idea to their realities and its international significance . The texts of these reports and presentations were given to all delegations.
The program of this seminar also included visits o the various cultural, sports and healthcare facilities, constructed in the DPRK in the last 2 years under the dynamic leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un , a travel to Panmunjom, attendance of a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra , meetings with representatives of various organizations.
Many of the participants have visited the DPRK on many previous occasions, including very recently, but even they could not hide their admiration and astonishment at witnessing unprecedented pace of construction and economic development in the country. In less than a year , Pyongyang has become an entirely new city , as was noted by those participants who have visited it in July last year, on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean people’s victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.
Representative of the Juche idea study group in Ireland in response to the question what is the most striking about the today’s DPRK, gave the following answer: ” Enduring loyalty of the Korean people to all what was so shamefully betrayed by the former socialist countries . And the ebullient , energetic , creative and strong leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un , whose activity and determination with which he rebuffs the American aggressors, today is a source of great inspiration for all those who fight against imperialism, throughout the world. “

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