An ever-victorious Marshal who defies US and world imperialism-special article of ASSPUK and JISGE

It is two years since the title of Marshal was awarded to dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army . The award of the title reflected the respect of the Korean people for the dear respected comrade KIM JONG UN who since December 2011 had been leading the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK . It was also a manifestation of the confidence of the people in dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and a reflectation of the expectation that dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN will led the Korean people to final victory , to the final victory of Songun , the final victory of anti-imperialist independence and the final victory of reunification.

Since becoming Marshal of the DPRK the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has led the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK along the road of Songun following in the footsteps of the illustrious generalissimo’s KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is on the frontline between socialism and imperialism The destiny of world socialism and the cause of anti-imperialism rests on the bayonets of the Korean People’s Army which is commanded by MarshalKIM JONG UN an ever-victorious iron-willed commander.


During the last two years dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has skilfully led the building of the revolutionary armed forces . Under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the DPRK successfully launched the Kwangmysong 3-2 satellite and carried a succcesful nuclear detonation that rattled the imperialists and reactionaries. Marshal KIM JONG UN declared a state of all-out confrontation with the US imperialists in order to thwart the intense anti-DPRK manoeuvres of the US and world imperialism . Moreover in order to cope with the demands of the times dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN advanced the line of building up the nuclear force and economy in parallel at the March 2013 Plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party , this is a creative and modern application of the line of simultaneously building the economy and defence pioneered by the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG in 1962. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said
“Ceaselessly strengthening our self-defence capabilities with  the nuclear forces as the backbone is a sure guarantee for defending the rights of our nation to independence and existence and for achieving national prosperity.

So long as the imperialists persist with nuclear blackmail and threat of aggression, we can never weaken our nuclear armaments and must continue to develop the Juche-based atomic energy industry even as one generation is replaced by another and whatever the change in the situation.”      Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has worked hard to implement this  line visiting both economic and defence sectors. He visited numerous front-line units which are within the gun-sights of the US imperialists and the south Korean puppets . He visited Mu Islet not once but several times . Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a courageous military leader who is not afraid to be in the firing line.


   During the past few months dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has guided several rocket firing drills of the Korean People’s Army defying the US imperialists and their lackeys who hypocritically try to insist that the DPRK does not develop its strategic rocket force. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN pointed out ;
We should be prepared for both words and actions. However fair-minded and just we are, we may become a bargaining chip for the strong and our precious history inherited with blood will loose its shine in a moment if we are weak”.

These words are a precious teaching . The US imperialists aim to stifle Korean style-socialism . Some big powers think that they can  use Korea as a bargaining chip  when they do deals with imperialism. If the DPRK does have its own military strength, it could be sold by those who wish to do deals with imperialism. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is fighting to ensure that the independence of the DPRK shines ever brightly.

Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is an an ever-victorious iron-willed Marshal who defies US and world imperialism and big power chauvinism.

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