Some Common Propaganda Lies Unveiled

Every time when there is anything written in the “news” on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), it is either uncritically rewritten from south korean media or some random chinese blogger. You might wonder why all gossip about the DPRK never gets fact-checked, but that is because there’s a deliberate strategy for the imperialists to portray the DPRK as a nightmare on earth, and to try to further isolate the country.

  • Q: When going to the DPRK as a tourist, you’re not allowed to walk around freely without a state agent that’s posing as a guide. The government don’t want people to walk around on their own as they are hiding human right violations and starvation.

  • A: Some people claims that the guides are spying on the tourists, but it’s pretty much only what you get to read in the paper, to make it sound more exciting, and of course, again, the DPRK is a totalitarian state that wants their people starving, they just don’t want foreigners to see it. These are actual guides who work for the state-owned Korea International Travel Company (KITC). There are many differences between state, state-ownership and government. KITC is like any other company – working to get profit, not to spy for the government, and the guide is bringing you around the country.

  • Q: Kim Jong Un fed his uncle together with five others to 120 starving dogs. The dogs have not been eating for three days. All six where bleeding and screaming for an hour, while 300 DPRK-officials where watching.

  • A: Even though this comes across as pyschically unlikely, the international media swallowed the whole story from a Chinese blogger. Even after the lie was revealed, the international media still wouldn’t back down and confess that it was just made up. There where never any statements on this from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) or like. Of course, this is helping the imperialists to build the image of the DPRK as a country where they have cruel punishments and is a part of the smear campaign against the DPRK.

  • Q: Kim Jong Il is claimed to have shot five hole-in-ones during his first attempt at playing golf.

  • A: It is true that there are claims that Kim Jong Il did shot five hole-in-ones in many US and European media outlets, and it’s even claimed that in the DPRK media reported that Kim Jong Il shot 18 hole-in-ones the first time he played golf. The only problem here is that these claims are not coming from the DPRK, and they are not claiming this. They are made up by western media to once again, portay the DPRK as a weird country. The Koreans must be really stupid to believe this, right? It is only claimed by western media and believed by westerners actually, that the Koreans believe in that Kim Jong Il scored this great results.

  • Q: The DPRK called US president Barrack Obama a wicked black monkey and the south Korean president Park Geun Hye an old prostitute. The DPRK and the state media are sanctioning racism and sexism.

  • A: This claim was rewritten and referred to from the actual Korean-language site of the KCNA in May 2014. This was the first time ever when the western media could actually refer to something that sounds unlikely, from an actual DPRK source. To good to be true maybe? Yes. The quote “wicked black monkey” was taken from an interview with Kang Hyuk, a worker at the Chollima Steel Factory. When someone writes a racist letter to the editor to a paper, it would just be stupid to blame the whole paper of sanctioning racism. South Korean president Park Geun Hye was called an “old prostitute” by the KCNA, and Obama was referred to as her pimp, after Obama’s visit to south Korea. If you hear the the two sentences together, you’d understand that they are shown in the context of that she’s just a lapdog of the United States, not because she’s a woman, but because south Korea is occupied, civilian courts in south Korea are subordinated the US military court and the highest commander of the south Korean army is the US president. The relationship between US and south Korea are those of a pimp and a prostitute. It looks much better though to portray the DPRK as sexists, randomly calling female presidents prostitutes, then showing the actual context.

  • Q: There are labour camps with over 200,000 political prisoners – and they are even expanding the camps so they can have room for more prisoners.

    Shin Dong Hyuk together with ex- US president and war criminal George.W.Bush at the presidential Dallas, Texas, October 23, 2013.
    Shin Dong Hyuk together with ex- US president and war criminal George.W.Bush at the presidential center, Dallas, Texas, October 23, 2013.
  • A: One reason to why all these forced labour camps stories are going around have most to do with the professional liar Shin Dong Hyuk. A south Korean who is a full-time employee of the puppet state. He lives a good and wealthy life by spreading lies about how he escaped from the so called “Camp 14”. His official story is that he was born in “Camp 14” – but he also claims that they have forced abortions on anyone getting pregnant there. There are no evidence of any force labour camps for political prisoners, but it fits the anti-DPRK propaganda in line with the US-imperialist policies to stage an invasion of the DPRK and make it seem legit, to forge a lie and invade a country on false pretexts.

  • Q: It is claimed by DPRK state media that Kim Jong Il invented the American hamburger but instead of hamburger calls it “Double Bread With Meat”.

  • A: It is true that it’s not referred to as a hamburger, or as the western media claims, American hamburger. It’s not claimed that Kim Jong Il invented “Double Bread With Meat”, though. In western media it has been alleged that the reason to why it’s not called hamburger is because it’s American. Kim Jong Il once said “We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States.”, obviously showing that the DPRK are anti-imperialists, not anti-US. Another funny fact as well is that the hamburger is not even from the US, but from Hamburg, Germany – still the very same papers keeps on saying that the DPRK don’t want to use the actual name hamburger because it’s American.

Both old and new lies are used by the western media in the propaganda war against the DPRK. Besides to portray the DPRK as an isolated and evil place, these lies serves the purpose to also portray the Korean masses as stupid and brainwashed. While not only portraying the leadership of the DPRK as evil but also the Korean people as a people who’s just stupid and brainwashed it will be easier for the US-imperialists to stage a war against the DPRK, as the masses of the west will for long have been brainwashed with these lies. Like with the US led invasion of Iraq, many were seriously believing in the US war propaganda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq supported militant islamists and that the invasion was a part of the so called “war on terrorism”. That is exactly how the imperialists will work before trying to invade the DPRK.

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