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Some Common Propaganda Lies Unveiled

Every time when there is anything written in the “news” on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), it is either uncritically rewritten from south korean media or some random chinese blogger. You might wonder why all gossip about the DPRK never gets fact-checked, but that is because there’s a deliberate strategy for the imperialists to portray the DPRK as a nightmare on earth, and to try to further isolate the country.

Both old and new lies are used by the western media in the propaganda war against the DPRK. Besides to portray the DPRK as an isolated and evil place, these lies serves the purpose to also portray the Korean masses as stupid and brainwashed. While not only portraying the leadership of the DPRK as evil but also the Korean people as a people who’s just stupid and brainwashed it will be easier for the US-imperialists to stage a war against the DPRK, as the masses of the west will for long have been brainwashed with these lies. Like with the US led invasion of Iraq, many were seriously believing in the US war propaganda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq supported militant islamists and that the invasion was a part of the so called “war on terrorism”. That is exactly how the imperialists will work before trying to invade the DPRK.