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Scumbag Shin Finally Exposed!

As it was already mentioned in the report of the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies that was released on September the 13th 2014, the main source of manipulations and falsifications with regards to the issue of human rights in the DPRK are the so-called “testimonies” of the so-called “defectors” who in reality are the most vicious enemies of the DPRK. Among these so-called “defectors” is some guy called Shin Dong-hyuk, who is the most active participant in the “human rights” conspiracy campaign of the enemy forces against the DPRK.

Scumbag Shin In Geun in London

His real name is Shin In Geun, he was born on the 19th of November 1980 in Soksan village, Pukchan-ri, South Pyongyang province. After his “escape” into South Korea he changed his name and his biography in order to become the henchman of US and South Korea intelligence services.  After his birth he went to primary and secondary schools, and since 1997 started working in a mining company in Soksan village, but in South Korea he has changed his biography, because he did not want people to know the truth about his past, his family connections and his own crimes committed already before his “escape”. And, following the scripts written by the South Korean intelligence services, he began his activities with a false life story.

For instance, he changed his date of birth from 1980 to 1982 and his father’s date of birth – from 1944 to 1946. His declarations about the so-called “concentration camps” are completely false. His father, Shin Gyong Sop, was convicted in 1975 for theft of state property to a punishment in a labour rehabilitation camp. Long before that, in January 1972, he had married Chang Hye Gyong. So, the so-called “testimonies” of Shin Dong Hyuk that his parents allegedly were “allowed to get married in a camp as a reward” and that he was born there in 1982, are also complete fabrications. His words that it was he who informed the prison guard about escape plans of his mother and brother, in a hope that the guard would set him free, and his words “that’s the reason my mother and brother were executed” are also a complete lie, and such circumstances are even impossible to imagine in our country. His mother and brother were executed in 1996, not for any “escape attempts”, but for premeditated murder with grave consequences.

In June 2001, Shin Dong Hyuk himself subjected to rape a 13-year old girl called Lee Eun Ha in the village of Bonchan, and in 2002 he was arrested by Chinese border guards for illegal border crossing. Thereafter, he was transferred back to our law enforcement agencies, but instead of showing genuine regret and trying to redeem his crime, he again made an illegal border-crossing and ran over to the South.

This traitor dared not even mention the serious crimes of his parents and their ancestors (father of his mother was a pro-Japanese element before the liberation of Korea, and his grandfather and parents were executed for anti-state crimes), and with the script provided to him by the South Korean intelligence services he fabricated materials about some alleged “camps for political prisoners”. So, in reality, he is just a parasite that ekes out a miserable existence as a mouthpiece of the South Korean intelligence

He also claimed that he was imprisoned in a labor camp because of his uncle, who allegedly lives in South Korea, but this is also a complete fabrication.

As you can see, all the “materials” coming from the mouth of Shin Dong Hyuk are just a product of a South Korean intelligence services’ conspiracy against the DPRK, from the beginning to the end. original text: Anglo-Peoples Korea/Songun