KFA international meeting successfully held in Belgium

The biggest ever KFA conference to date was held in Belgium in the city of La Louvière on November 15. Delegations from several countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Singapore, Italy, UK, US and Thailand were represented at the conference. The theme of the meeting was “Great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is the lighthouse of humankind”.

Ireland was represented by a three-man delegation led by KFA Ireland’s Official Delegate, Andreas Engström. Regards were also sent from several delegations who wasn’t attending. Unfortunately due to illness, Jan Casier, the Official Delegate of Belgium, couldn’t attend. Jan made this meeting possible with his great efforts and the Irish KFA delegation hope to see Jan well soon again and hope to see him in person to thank him for his efforts.

The meeting started at 10.00 on Saturday 15/11 with speeches of the various delegations. The meeting were introduced by the KFA president Alejandro Cao De Benós. Most of the speeches were dedicated to the Great leader comrade Kim Jong Il as next month is the 3rd anniversary of the demise of the Great leader.

The meeting adopted a letter to the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un and presented a gift to him. Awards were as well given to KFA ODs, Officials and activists.

Comrades from Pyongyang was as well attending the meeting, Ryu Kyong Il, director for Europe of the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and Kang Hyon Gyu, Project Coordinator, Korea Europe cultural exchange promotion agency as well as Hyon Hak Bong, DPRK’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom who also handles relations with Belgium. Ambassador Hyon Hak Bong declared that it was nice to be amongst friends. He shared his experience with the conference of the several occations where he had been in talks with politicians of the EU about the DPRK’s “human rights” exercise and the EU politicians have been very curious about how the DPRK would act in case of sanctions, like they want to know how far they can push the limit. Hyon Hak Bong made it clear that the DPRK are open for dialogue but won’t accept any attacks on their sovereignty or trying to undermine their system. Hyon Hak Bong clarified that the US have fabricated the non-existing “human rights issue” as they failed to weaken and destroy the DPRK over the “nuclear issue”.

Besides a very interesting and inspiring meeting in general, this weekend have shown the strength of the KFA and once again proved that the KFA is made up of serious and dedicated members from all over the world. Our delegation had the opportunity given by KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benós for a chat on exchanges of ideas and how to further deepen the cultural exchange between the DPRK and Ireland. Our delegation have brought back new ideas, projects and activities to work with over the coming year.


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