97 years since the birth of Kim Jong Suk

kim jong suk

Kim Jong Suk was a peerless guerrilla fighter of the anti-Japanese guerrilla struggle who was born on December 24, 1917 and passed away September 22, 1949, just ten months before the US-imperialists and its South Korean puppet forces tried to invade the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in what happened to become the Fatherland Liberation War. She dedicated her life to the cause of the revolutionary struggle and to build a prosperous socialist nation and the national liberation struggle. Kim Jong Suk is a role model, not only for the Korean people, but for revolutionaries all over the world who is seeking independence from neo-colonialism and imperialism.

In commemoration of Kim Jong Suk we are sharing the biography of Kim Jong Suk here.Kim Jong Suk0 kimjongsuk

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