On the attack on the US ambassador in south Korea

There’s no secret about that the US and its south Korean puppets intentions of the annual war “exercise” is to stage a second Korean war. The so called “exercises” were as late as by last year based on scenarios where the armed forces of the imperialists would build up a guerilla army “behind enemy lines”, made up of south Korean commandos, but they also flew the of B-2 Bombers, a stealth bomber that have the capacity to carry nuclear bombs, along the border to the DPRK – planes that have been used frequently in wars inflicted by the US, such as the wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya for example. There shouldn’t be anyone today who’s fooled by the ambitions of the US imperialists – that to stage another Korean war.

A burning U.S. flag is seen on the ground after it was set on fire by Bangladeshi Muslims during a protest in Dhaka

Today (March 5), the Korean patriot Kim Ki Jong, 55, took to action and attacked the US ambassador to south Korea. Kim Ki Jong is against another Korean war and wants an independent reunification of Korea without imperialist interference. The imperialist messenger Mark Lippert got slashed over the cheek where he had to receive 80 stitches and also a puncture wound on his wrist. The US imperialists will sooner or later get kicked out of the Korean peninsula and all other countries that they try to control.

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