The fabricated “news” about when Hungary were defeated by the DPRK by 0 – 98!

There have been several reports by different websites that consider themselves as “news” providers since the U20 World Cup game between Hungary and the DPRK on the 1th June in New Zeeland, that the DPRK claimed victory over Hungary with 0 – 98, while Hungary in reality won 1 – 5. The fact is that a video was edited and uploaded to Youtube, claiming that the DPRK news claimed to have beaten Hungary with the unbelievable 0 – 98. Even though it was a hoax, lots of so called “news” sites used it as fact, and as only source to back up their fabricated lies, was a youtube video that anyone could edit within a couple of minutes. Here follows a video, showing how it was made and how an already existing recording from 2013 was edited to make the world believe in that this is what actually was reported in the DPRK.

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