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Kim Jong Un is no joke, but Yeonmi Park is

Yeonmi Park have initiated another offensive once again against the DPRK. This is her first major public offensive since her big fail when she was exposed as the paid liar she is in December last year. Here is a blog entry from someone who believed in her lies but who later realized that Yeonmi Park’s stories was nothing but lies and fairy tales. The entry is debunking Yeonmi Park’s own lies with her own lies. To The blog entry.

Back at the so called “One Young World Summit” in 2014 in Dublin, Yeonmi Park said that she escaped the DPRK when she was 15 years old. “Yesterday morning’s agenda on Peace and conflict brought us the summits most poignant and powerful moment. In an emotional speech, Yeonmi Park, told us of her life as a North Korean citizen and escaping the Kim regime at 15 years of age.”(link). In a Youtube video published on 13 October 2015, Yeonmi park claims to have been sold and raped in China after she escaped together with her mother at the age of 13 – two years prior to her escape.

There have always been rumours going around about so called defectors and we have seen this year a very similar case, that of an alleged DPRK scientist who defected to Finland with evidence of bio weapons that were tested on “human guinea pigs”. He was reportedly also set to offer his testimony about human experiments allegedly carried out by the central administration of North Korea to the European Parliament. Unlike Yeonmi Park, this defector never existed and was just fabricated to discredit the DPRK. Not much was reported when it turned out that this was nothing but a hoax and no evidence of its veracity were ever presented. The Helsinki Times was one of the few papers who denied the claims, but first a few months after the rumour occured in media (link).

This is not the end for Yeonmi Park, as she have built her life and career on slandering the DPRK, but the way things are going, she will convince more people about the truth about the DPRK which is the opposite of what she’s trying to deliver, mainly due to the inconsistencies in her lies, on behalf of the imperialists.