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US, EU and Japan’s Fabricated Human Rights “Issue”

The US have now together with its warmongering allies in the EU and Japan, once again brought up the human rights “issue” that is constantly being used against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in order for the DPRK to … Continue reading

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Podcast Released feat. Official Delegate of KFA Ireland

Podcast from Belfield FM released featuring the interview with Andreas Engström, Official Delegate of KFA Ireland. The interview is 26 minutes in. To Podcast

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Demonstration in Seoul Brutally Attacked by South Korean Police

On Saturday November 14th, a massive demonstration with over 60,000 people gathered in Seoul to protest against the south Korean puppet regime and president Park Geun Hye‘s labour reforms. The Korean Confederation of Trade Union, a trade union with a … Continue reading

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15th anniversary of the Korean Friendship Association: International Conference Held in Madrid

The annual international KFA conference was held in Madrid on Saturday November 7th at 16.00. The conference was held in Spain due to the symbolic year of the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Friendship Association. The conference … Continue reading

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KFA Ireland on the Radio, 13/11/2015, 13:00

The Official Delegate of KFA Ireland will feature an exclusive interview tomorrow, Friday 13th, at 13:00 on Belfield FM in the show What a Load of Politics. It will cover talks on the DPRK, KFA and the Juche idea. To … Continue reading

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US Exposed Using Christian NGO to Spy on the DPRK

One rumour that have been going around for a long time is that one about that there’s no religious freedom in the DPRK and that Christians are constantly prosecuted. The churches in the DPRK are often said to be there … Continue reading

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