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US Exposed Using Christian NGO to Spy on the DPRK

One rumour that have been going around for a long time is that one about that there’s no religious freedom in the DPRK and that Christians are constantly prosecuted. The churches in the DPRK are often said to be there just to give the appearance of religious freedom, but of course, that is not the case.

Article 68 of the constitution of the DPRK is guaranteeing religious freedom (Article 68: Citizens have freedom of religious belief. This right is granted through the approval of the construction of religious buildings and the holding of religious ceremonies. Religion must not be used as a pretext for drawing in foreign forces or for harming the State or social order), and now the CIA and Washington have been exposed using a Evangelical Christian NGO in order to carry out spy activities in the DPRK. The group is called Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG) and it was in October that they were exposed to work for the US Department of Defense to “help penetrate the largely isolated and closed-off totalitarian country”. The CEO of HISG, Kay Kizo Hiramine, who’s registered, together with his wife, Julie Hiramine, and their children on an address on 16181 Timber Meadow Drive in Colorado Springs have been praised by the likes of George W. Bush, which shows his true colours. The secret project is dating back until December 2004 and supposedly stopped in 2012, during George W. Bush’s presidency but have as well been going on during Barrack Obama’s presidency.

The US government tasked Hiramine with gathering intelligence inside the DPRK and Hiramine would in turn utilize HISG’s access to the DPRK to carry out the orders and assignments of Pentagon, according to two former military officials who were involved with the project. As CEO of HISG, Hiramine got Christian missionaries, aid workers and Chinese smugglers to move spy equipment, including sensors, small radio beacons and equipment for detecting nuclear activity as well as weapons around the DPRK.

In recent years there are a few US-citizens that have been detained by the authorities in the DPRK, such as Jeffrey Fowle in October 2014 and Sandra Suh was deported in April 2015 but one of the most well known cases would be that of Kenneth Bae who was detained for spying on the DPRK. There are several organizations of Christian missionaries and aid workers active in the DPRK besides the Red Cross/Red Crescent, so why is it so hard to actually believe that the likes of Kenneth Bae were carrying out spy activities? The Wikipedia chapter on HISG has been deleted since its activities was revealed, so we will just have to wait and see how they will reorganize.