15th anniversary of the Korean Friendship Association: International Conference Held in Madrid

The annual international KFA conference was held in Madrid on Saturday November 7th at 16.00. The conference was held in Spain due to the symbolic year of the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Friendship Association. The conference was well-attended by delegations from most European countries including the US and Thailand. Ireland was represented by the Official Delegate of KFA Ireland Andreas Engström, and Robert Lawlor. The conference was hosted in DPRK’s embassy in Madrid under the parole ‘Honouring the 70th Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea’ and was introduced by Comrade Alejandro Cao de Benós, President of the Korean Friendship Association and DPRK’s ambassador to Spain, Comrade Kim Hyok Chol. Speeches were made by the attending delegates and speeches was also sent to the conference by delegates who couldn’t make it. The meeting adopted a letter to the Dear Respected Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un. Awards were as well given to KFA Official Delegates and activists. The conference decided that next years KFA conference is to be taking place in Dublin. It was great to see how this years conference was even bigger than last years, and to see how the KFA is growing more and more. Even though some of our activists in some of the so called “democratic” Western countries have been forced to leave their jobs due to their involvement with the KFA, we can see how our organization is growing stronger and how we are overcoming new obstacles.

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